Top Ten Neighborhoods to Trick or Treat in OKC

Are you looking for a great trick-or-treat spot? Does your Neighborhood seem to lack a good selection of candy? In the Urban Core of OKC it has become a tradition to attend Halloween night in a Neighborhood that may not be your own. Don’t worry this year, we have put together a list of Neighborhoods that do Halloween right!

This year the official night is Monday the 31st! Remember street safety rules any time you will be crossing streets– especially on Halloween night!

10. Cleveland

Any Neighborhood with a school at its entrance is destined to have homes with kid friendly candy. Cleveland is a smaller Neighborhood with simple streets to follow.

9. Crestwood

With long streets and a main boulevard, Crestwood is great for those parents who only have time for one street and need to keep a close eye on their kids. Their Haunt the Median starts at 6:30 p.m. Monday night on 19th street.

8. Shepherd

A Neighborhood filled with families who love the holiday spirit, Shepherd gives you the opportunity to grab candy and then maybe some dinner nearby.

7. Miller

With two long and wide boulevards that actually intersect, Miller is perfect for large groups. It has plenty of street parking and space to take breaks.

6. Linwood Place

A festive Neighborhood with one of the best boulevards in the City. 19th Street is well known for its easy pickings for great candy. Also a great place for larger groups.

5. Putnam Heights

A Neighborhood that, in some sections, has large estates. Putnam Heights is quiet and traffic is at a minimum. This is great for younger trick-or-treaters.

4. Heritage Hills

A Neighborhood that has several areas of low and high traffic. Depending on your group size and the age of your trick-or-treaters, you can pick your spot. It is said that some homes leave candy even if no one is home.

3. Crown Heights/Edgemere Park

Long sloping streets and plenty of festive families, Crown Heights/Edgemere Park boasts some of the best trick or treating in the City. If you start early, you might not be able to carry all the candy.

2. Mesta Park

A short walk down any Mesta Park street and you will realize this neighborhood loves Halloween. It also shows when you finish the evening with an amazing assortment of candy!

1. Nichols Hills

Likely the largest and most giving Neighborhood in OKC! It will feel more like Christmas than Halloween when you realize what is in your treat bag.

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Top 10 Modern Ways Verbode Markets Real Estate

In today’s world of marketing, there are so many ways to get your product to the masses. Yet, it isn’t always so easy to figure out the best way to do that. Real Estate marketing has been pretty basic and lacking imagination for awhile now. The visionaries at Verbode didn’t want to have anything to do with that. So they decided to mix it up a bit and expand their marketing along with the growth of OKC!

Top 10 Modern Ways Verbode Markets Real Estate


10. Twilight Open House

A staple of Thursday nights after work, Twilight Open Houses are our chance to give the public the best first introduction possible to your property. We go all out for our Clients. We have included food trucks, catering from local favorites, local artist shows, and local musicians. If we can entice people to come see the home with their own eyes, it isn’t long before someone falls in love. It also gives the owner an excuse to have a going away party for the place they called home.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 11.47.33 AM

9. Creative Wordsmithing

Yes, a great photo of a home can spark the interest, but the right language can convince a non-believer. If you haven’t noticed, “verb” is part of our name. We see too many listing descriptions give a great home a weak story. Verbode is here to change that. Every home deserves a great description.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 12.31.28 PM

8. Branding

Branding is no longer just the logo and the phrase, it is living what you do. It is believing in an idea. One you can share with those you work with. At Verbode, our brand is synonymous with the Urban Core of Oklahoma City. We want to provide to our clients a concierge experience catered to their lifestyle. Our clients no longer look for a new home, they look for a new city, community, and neighborhood. Our mission at Verbode is to connect the beautiful individuals of Oklahoma City to their perfect community. One in which they not only live but thrive in.


7. Historical Education

Oklahoma City has a shaky past when it comes to historic buildings. We believe our mentality for historical structures can be changed. By informing the public and community about our historic homes and buildings we hope to create a loving appreciation for the past. Oklahoma City has many stories worth telling and remembering, and the homes and structures that have stood the test of time are deserving of a platform to tell their unique histories.


6. Blogging

If you are reading this right now, then our marketing is working. Blogging has become one of the optimal ways to inform. With news, events, and opportunities to see an open house conveniently placed at your fingertips, blogging is convenient and effective. There is a sea of Real Estate websites, but they are hard to navigate. We are able to give you a detailed list of properties we have open on the weekends, along with a map. Our blogs also underscore our love for Oklahoma City and commitment to being active in local events and a part of the communities in which we place our clients.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 12.21.16 PM

5. Staging/Art

Not everyone can bring to life a home in their own minds. If you walk into an empty space and that is all you see, you will likely benefit from a staged home. Giving the buyer and seller an example of what the space could look like actually stimulates the imagination. When a realtor has a showing in a staged space, they don’t have to set a scene for every room. In some cases, the staged items and/or the art will stay with the home and go along with the sell.


4. Website

The internet is a daily part of our lives in many different ways. Now with more people connected to it, having a website is the best way to connect clients to your business. Our website allows anyone to find an agent, a home, and learn more about their communities. We give them many options to find what they are looking for. They can search by district, neighborhood or even city. They can even find the featured listings we represent. In addition, our website makes it easier for potential buyers to connect with our team and get connected to your property on a shorter timeline.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 12.22.49 PM

3. Photos and Videos

Visualizing a home is not as easy as it sounds. Being able to show a home at it’s best is what photography and videography can do. Photography has always been a great way to show a home and sparks the interest in those who are looking. Coupling photo with video has made for a beneficial bonus for both client and realtor. It helps everyone see the home as it is. It can also highlight the features that a client might be looking for in a home. Verbode builds working relationships with skilled local photographers that we trust to bring the best images of your home to the market.


2. Social Media

If it is an app on your phone, we are likely already marketing on it. Facebook is one of the best ways to connect to our clients. Everyone is connected to it and everyone checks it several times a day. So we wanted to be ready and available in the places they spend most of their time. We also have an Instagram we update with new listings and open houses. Other social media accounts are listed below:

youtube-dreamstale86 twitter-dreamstale71 snapchat-dreamstale62 pinterest-dreamstale57 linkedin-dreamstale45 instagram-dreamstale43 google-dreamstale37 facebook-dreamstale25

1. We Listen

And we aren’t just saying that. Taking care of our clients is the most important part of our business model. We take everything they tell us and we use that as a tool to find them what they need. Customer service is not dead, it is alive and well at Verbode. Please contact us via email, phone, text, social media, etc. We want to work with you and get to know you! Let us show you a better way to real estate.


Top Ten Staging Tips to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

10 Staging Tips to Get Your Home Ready to Sell


So you are selling your home? How on earth do you get it ready to sell? We find it best to stage your home before you sell it. Not only does it get you move-out ready, it will give a buyer a clean slate in which to envision their new home. Staging allows the buyer to see what could be and not what was. *95% of buyer’s agents have said that home staging affects a buyer’s view of a home. When selling your home, you want it to look its best. Staging allows for the best.

10. Clean House

Act as if your Mother-in-Law is coming to town and you need to impress. First, get rid of the clutter. No one wants to see your dirty dishes or laundry, so pick it up. Second, sanitize the areas where human activity is high. You may not realize how much grime has built up. Third, make sure drapes and sheets are not wrinkled. They need to look fresh and ready to use.

9. Remove personal items

The idea is to let people believe they can live in your home. They will be distracted if they see family photos, toys, or pet bowls around the house. Clean out the closets in order to show there is plenty of space. You are going to be packing anyways, why not get a head start with these items.

8. Mow the Lawn

A well kept yard is a sign of a well kept home. Work on the landscaping around the parts of the home that are most visible from the street. Curb appeal gets people in the door to see all the work you have done to stage inside. It doesn’t take a green thumb to keep up the yard.

7. Artwork as Accent

After you take down some of the personal photos and paintings, don’t leave your walls naked. Find artwork that will accent your furnishings and color schemes. You can also add mirrors in rooms that need a little help looking larger.

6. Create Focal Points

Each room needs a focal point in order for buyers to see the room best. You can achieve this by adding a vase with flowers or bowl of fruit in the kitchen. The small touches can go a long way to improving the look of a room.

5. Consult with a Photographer

After all the staging is done, you will want to have photos taken of the new space. Why not consult with the photographer before you start staging? This will save you a ton of time. A photographer can tell you the best angles in each room. They can also tell you how to update your lighting.

4. Lighting is Important

This is how you take advantage of your photographer consult. Some rooms in the house will have plenty of light and some will have no light at all. With windows, bringing in natural light may be the trick.

3. Paint in Neutral Colors

Everyone has their favorite color, you shouldn’t try selling your house with all your personal favorites. Find soft, neutral colors that can match any style of staging. White is always best in order to give the buyer a clean slate. It is also very popular right now, especially in the kitchen.

2. Stage before you list the property

First impressions can mean everything to the sell of a house. If you list it without proper staging and photos, you may lose a buyer. *81% of buyers said they can visualize a home as theirs if it is staged.

1. Hire a professional!

You want to work with someone who is certified and accredited in Real Estate Home Staging. Not everyone has the expertise needed to best represent your home. Your best friend who has good taste doesn’t count.


*Sources for the list. Home Staging on a Budget, and Home Staging Resource

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Top Ten Ways to Pick a Neighborhood for your Family

In modern day Real Estate, we have found more than ever that choosing a Neighborhood is the most important decision a Buyer makes. They are looking for the perfect community, not just the perfect home. Schools, retail, traffic, walkability and style all play a role in choosing a Neighborhood. The Urban Core of OKC is seeing a renaissance of the City Neighborhood.

The diversity of style and location in the Urban Core allows many buyers to have multiple options. Everything from Historic to modern housing is on the rise. So how do you find that perfect Neighborhood for your Family? We put together a list of ten ways to make that decision.

10. Traffic

Living in the Urban Core of a major Metropolitan area can be a time saver. Unless of course you live next to a major street or highway. Always check the traffic in and around the Neighborhoods you are looking at. You might find it is too much for your sanity to wait in line to get only a few blocks. Oklahoma City is still relatively light on traffic, but populations grow.

Example: Jefferson Park is close to a major highway, but is hidden away from major traffic.

9. Landscape

Believe it or not, there are Urban Core Neighborhoods with inclined streets and busy yards in OKC. If you love doing yard work yourself, look for homes that have customizable spaces. Streets lined with tall streets can give you shade during Summer months. However, those trees then drop their leaves all over yards and streets. If that is a hassle to you, choose a Neighborhood with younger, smaller trees.

Example: Crown Heights is known for the many different landscapes and has close access to multiple parks.



8. History

At Verbode we love the history of our homes. The stories of owners past and the many changes the Neighborhood and home have been through. Some Neighborhoods have more history than others which will likely give them protection from the Historic Preservation of OKC. Changes to homes must be approved in order to keep the Neighborhood as it was meant to look.

Example: Heritage Hills has more homes with great stories than they know what to do with.

7. Retail

With the rise of OKC districts, more and more local retail is opening near Urban Core Neighborhoods. Whether it be restaurants or shopping opportunities, the Urban Core has plenty to choose from. If your favorite store or restaurant is only walking distance away, you may want to rethink moving in that Neighborhood. It may cause you to gain weight or spend too much money. All joking aside, there are many Neighborhoods that benefit from their close proximity to retail.

Example: Gatewood, in close proximity of the Plaza District, is walking distance from many new shops and restaurants.


6. Walking & Biking Ability

Cities are trying harder to give their citizen’s more options of getting around town. It is a huge plus to have sidewalks and plenty of room for bikes in a Neighborhood. It almost seemed a sense of nostalgia to think of a Neighborhood that was walkable and bike safe. Now thanks to a few Maps Projections, OKC neighborhoods are getting new sidewalks and streets are being widened. Nothing is better than walking in your Neighborhood with your family and pets. Check out the walkscore of your favorite Neighborhood.

Example: Mesta Park has wide streets and brand new sidewalks that a many residents use on a daily basis.

5. Association

Not all Neighborhoods have Associations, but the strong and well connected ones do. In recent years a few Neighborhoods in the Urban Core lacked a plan of action to make their Neighborhoods better. Now there are strong Associations within even the smallest of Neighborhoods. Associations can help with beautification and maintenance of the area. It also allows for block parties and get togethers so you can better know those who live nearby.

Example: Miller has recently put together a great and well received Neighborhood Association.

4. Access

Access has a lot to do about location and how to get in and out of your Neighborhood. Most Neighborhoods in the Urban Core were planned on a grid system. Allowing multiple different entrance and exit points through out. It is now important to find the routes through your Neighborhood that take you to your favorite Districts. You may find out it is easier to access by foot or bike, than by car.

Example: Paseo is wedged between the Paseo Arts District and Uptown 23rd. Both a short walk from the Neighborhood.

3. Affordability

We are very lucky in the OKC Urban Core to have many ranges of affordability. Yes, most everyone wants to live in the Historic Neighborhood with large estates and amazing architecture. However, the best Neighborhood for your family, is the one that is affordable to your financial situation. There are Neighborhoods that would surprise you with their affordability.

Example: Crestwood gives you the historic feel with the affordability for all price ranges.


2. Schools

Now more than ever we are searching for schools that we feel safe sending our kids too. Not only do we want them to receive a great academic education, we also want them to have a strong social education. Learning to interact with all types of people and cultures. Many of the Urban Neighborhoods have schools built right in the middle. This means you can walk your most precious of family members to school everyday.

Example: Cleveland has a school with the same name and is also close to the Middle & High schools your children would attend.

1. Safety

Above all we want to feel safe in our Neighborhoods. Crime is not always consistent in certain areas, so it is important to research the area and those living in it. Ask potential Neighbors if they have felt safe living in that Neighborhood. Make sure the crime rate is low and on the decline. Take a stroll through the streets at night to gage if it feels safe. Street lights and open front doors are good indicators of how safe a Neighborhood is.

Example: Putnam Heights has sidewalks with lights and plenty of room between homes. Allowing for a buffer from the major streets and traffic.


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Top Ten Music Venues in OKC

Jones Assembly – Coming soon!

 To say we have high expectations for this venue is an understatement. With the combination of Graham Colton and successful dining collective The Social Order, Jones Assembly will quickly be added to the list of places to see live music.


image by Jones Assembly

10. 51st Street Speakeasy

After almost closing in 2015, the Speakeasy has had a resurgence with many types of entertainment to choose from. It has now become a great place for release parties and local acts to test the waters.

9. The Root in Paseo Arts District

 Now a pub and music venue, The Root has become a favorite for local underground acts in OKC. It has also a home to smaller traveling acts looking for an intimate environment. Captured! By Robots w/ special guest Plastic Smile will play on March 1st.


image by C. Coffey Photography

8. Blue Note Lounge in Uptown

This old smokey bar is a regular for most of Oklahoma City’s music lovers. With a high set stage, everyone in attendance is able to see and hear all the music has to offer. From time to time you can catch a great band who loves the feel of the Blue Note. Just remember to get there early, it will be hard to get in. Coming up in March you can catch Caleb McGee & the Underdogs,  FREAKABOUT w/ Laughing Falcon and Trap Queen and Bison Machine w/ Snowchild & CobraJab.

7. Diamond Ballroom

The Diamond Ballroom has been host to thousands of national recording stars crossing every musical genre for many years. This April you will be able to see acts like Stoney LaRue, Tech N9ne and Silversun Pickups.


image by

6. VZD’s on Western Ave.

 After closing for renovations many thought VZD’s was not going to be the same. The updates were needed and it is quickly returning into the intimate setting for a singer/songwriter or your favorite local punk band.

5. Tower Theatre

Now officially open to the public, Tower Theatre is destined to become a new favorite for small market tour acts. The Tower will also give OKC music lovers a local venue to see their favorite bands. No more long drives to Tulsa during a work week. Next up is local fan favorites Horse Thief with Special Thumbs on March 3rd.

4. The Criterion in Bricktown

The Criterion opened up the possibility for a new touring market in OKC. It was a needed venue that mid level acts longed for in the Oklahoma Capitol. Coming this April to the Criterion Billy Currington & Explosions In The Sky


image by Criterion

3. ACM@UCO Performance Lab in Bricktown

A game changer for the City, ACM at UCO has brought great acts and great education. Not only do we get to see them play, they also put on Master Classes for those attending the school. Recent Classes by Ben Folds, Jim James and Jackson Browne. Need we say more? March brings Margo Price – Born to Ramble Tour to town and in July The Mountain Goats will rock Bricktown.

2. The Blue Door

The best listening room in Oklahoma. A place that happened by accident, the Blue Door has become one of the most important places to hear and be heard. Singer/Songwriters love playing this venue and it loves letting them. The Blue Door has hosted such legends as Jimmy Webb, Joe Ely, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, David Lindley and Tom Rush. It is likely it has already hosted future legendary songwriters. Early March you will be able to see Hayes CarllChris Trapper & Bobby Long.

1. Chesapeake Arena

The one place you can see the biggest acts in the World! The Peake has had the likes of Bruce Stringsteen, Dave Matthews Band and Carrie Underwood. April is going to be a month to remember at the Peake. Acts like Neil Diamond 50th Anniversary Tour & Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers will make you want to keep up to date on all things the Peake.


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Top Ten Home Trends Coming in 2017

2017 is already shaping up to be the year we start talking trends for the spaces we live in. Making them brighter and more spacious. Finding new ways to use them to best benefit our lives. Adding organization and storage to the rooms that can be consider the control center of the home. 2017 we’ll see vintage styles used in a modern way to give our homes a feeling of nostalgia in our technically advanced homes.

10. satin brass

With the move to more white and gray tones in the major areas of the home, there is a trend back to satin brass finishes. This adds a much needed pop of color that gives the room a luxury look. It is a versatile color that goes with just about any color you want. It is used most often in the kitchen or a master bath.


9. greenery – color of the year

Everyone is going green! With the Pantone of the year being “Greenery”, it will likely be the most popular bright color of the year. This color gives the sense of refreshment and revitalization. Something we all will need this year.


8. voice activated assistants

Remember when we started calling our cell phones, “smart phones”? 2017 is the year of the Smart House! Multiple companies have started selling voice activated assistants that can help with the lights, electronics and alarm systems.


7. faux everything

Faux materials are becoming increasingly more popular to fit the budgets of a new homeowner. Everything from leather to fur and even a painted faux finish.


6. hexagon tiles

2016 was the year of the subway tile. This year is all about the many different shapes you can use on your backsplashes, especially hexagon. Try shades of white and gray and ever marble.


5. marble is back

Speaking of marble, it is back and finding a place in just about every room. From kitchen counters to bathroom sinks. Marble is big in 2017.


4. utility room organization

With our ever growing busy schedules it has become very important to organize the control centers of the house. The Utility room has taken on more of a roll for a one stop shop. Washing, Drying, ironing, folding etc.


3. hanging lights

Table lamps are no more, hanging pendant lights in the bedroom or living area creates a whimsical style. This option works especially well in small rooms where there’s no space for nightstands.


2. different shades of white

Balancing a white palette with creamy off-whites and natural linen hues creates a breathtaking look that can be rich with character.


1. kitchen storage upgrades

With a move toward healthier lifestyles, families are starting to get back into the kitchen to cook their meals. This calls for a Chef’s kitchen with tons of hidden storage. Sections of walls and drawers on drawers, but all with a sleek style.


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Top Ten Verbode Listings of 2016 & a few more great listings!

It was one amazing year for Real Estate here at Verbode. We had the pleasure of listing so many great properties. Every year we love to compile a list of our Top Ten Verbode Listings and 2016 was our best! So enjoy take a minute to gaze at the wonderful world of Verbode Listings!

top social media buzz


3344 nw 24th street

top historic update


321 nw 22nd street

top unique listing

3126 nw 18th street

10. 316 nw 21st street ~ heritage hills ~ $386,500

Renovated Heritage Hills charmer within walking distance of the Uptown and Midtown Districts. Historical significance: original home of prominent entrepreneur Charles G Frost who was best known for being one of the largest suppliers of bottled water in OKC in the early 1900’s.


9. 6301 stone valley drive ~ edmond ~ $410,000

This stately cottage in the woods is perfectly welcoming. From the moment you walk down the sidewalk past the patinated copper awning and ivy laced patio and through the double doors you are charmed.


8. 1009 nw 18th street ~ mesta park ~ $455,000

This gorgeous home built in 1910 still has all its original charm.From the moment you walk onto the large covered front porch, and step into the estate its ten foot ceilings with plaster detail and heavy craftsman wood trim will dazzle you!


7. 1441 nw 36th street ~ putnam heights ~ $465,000

This stately remodeled home in Oklahoma City’s smallest Historic Preservation neighborhood, Putnam Heights, is going to impress you.From the moment you walk through the double doors and see the restored crystal chandeliers, the stunning custom drapes, and the glass paneled french doors you will swoon.


6. 532 nw 40th street ~ crown heights ~ $545,000

On a beautiful street in the middle of Crown Heights every home is perfection! 532 is the perfect home for entertaining! With an incredible remodeled open kitchen in the center of the house, a pool with a new portico in the back yard, and a theater in the basement.


5. 501 nw 18th street ~ mesta park ~ $575,000

This home looks like it is straight out of a magazine. The chefs kitchen boasts marble counter tops, stainless steel double ovens, microwave, gas stove, dishwasher, and farmhouse sink. If you took the Mesta Park Holiday Home Tour, you were able to see this amazing home in all it’s glory!


4. 1500 nw 190th street ~ edmond ~ $608,400

Upon entry, you will be greeted by stunning formal living and formal dining rooms which set the tone of luxury. Head over to the unbelievable Chef’s Kitchen anchored by two islands and an abundance of cabinet and counter space inviting you to imagine elaborate meals and dinner parties. Plus, you’ll enjoy up to a 50% savings on your utilities as this home is built to NAHB Certified Green standards! This was just one of many homes sold by Sarah Bytyqi in the Barrington neighborhood.


3. 15 ne 3rd ~ downtown brownstone ~ $729,886

Spectacular balconies, rooftop decks and outdoor spaces with truly unmatched downtown views and custom designed open loft-style living spaces set this luxury brownstone apart from any other in Downtown OKC.


2. 15908 oaklawn court ~ edmond ~ $910,000

Incredible custom built lakefront estate with panoramic scenic views from almost every window. Dramatic glass entry welcomes you into the gorgeous great room designed for entertaining with a spectacular view of a 12 acre private lake.


1. 826 nw 8th street ~ sosa heights ~ $969,000

Stunning Single-Family Home in the Heart of Sosa. Amazing views with around 1000 sq ft of outdoor entertaining space. This home is one of a kind and has been in Sosa before it was Sosa for over a hundred years. This home also broke a record for the neighborhood. Adding tons of value for all the homes around it.


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Top Ten Places in OKC to See Christmas Lights

Just Outside of the Metro


10. Midwest City Holiday Lights Spectacular

Address: 8700 E. Reno Ave., Midwest City, OK 73130.
Times: Sunday to Thursday 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., Friday & Saturday 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. until December 30th.
Christmas Lights

9. Yukon Christmas in the Park

Address: 500 W. Vandament, Yukon, OK 73099.
Times: Nightly 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. until December 31st.
Christmas Lights

8. Chickasha Festival of Lights

Address: 2400 S 9th St., Chickasha, OK 73018.
Times: Sunday to Thursday 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., Friday & Saturday 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. until December 31st.
Christmas Lights

Downtown OKC


7. Myriad Gardens Park Lights

Address: 301 W Reno Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73102.
Times: Outdoor Park Area Open Daily until 11 p.m.


6. Bricktown Canal Lights

Address: Bricktown, Oklahoma City, OK 73102.
Times: Open All day until January 1st

Christmas Lights

5. AutoMobile Alley Light Display

Address: NW 4th to 10th St. on Broadway Ave.
Times: Daily from dusk to dawn until January 1st.

Christmas Lights

OKC Neighborhoods


4. 30th & Walker Four Great Neighborhoods

This intersection gives you four Neighborhoods to tour. Central Park, Edgemere, Jefferson Park and Paseo.
Address: Between 23rd and 36th, Western and I-235.
Times: Go during early evening hours.

3. Heritage Hills Historic Neighborhood

This Neighborhood boasts large Historic Homes that will take you back in time.
Address: Between 23rd and 13th, Walker and Broadway.
Times: Go during early evening hours.

2. Mesta Park Neighborhood

Address: Between 23rd and 13th, Walker and Western
Times: Go during early evening hours.

1. Nichols Hills Neighborhood

Address: Between Western and May, Wilshire and 63rd Street.
Times: Go during early evening hours.

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Top Ten Gift Ideas for Historic Home Owners

Christmas is always a great time of year. Especially for those who like to entertain in their Historic Home. These gorgeously built homes have a lot of character, but they age just like anything else. Some need a little updating from time to time and some just need a special touch of decoration. We wanted to give you a list of things you might gift to those special friends that own a special Historic Home.

10. Indoor Succulents

Now more than ever people are stocking up on Succulent plants. Not only do they look great with little care they also help keep you healthy. The Modern family usually has a full daily schedule it is hard to keep up with plants. Succulents just need sunlight and small amount of water. They give clean air, release oxygen and some can be used to heal. Not bad for something that requires little work to keep alive.

Recommended Store: The Plant Shoppe



9. Wood Floor Cleaning

Most Historic Homes are filled with wood floors that have seen their fair share of foot traffic. If you have a large family including your pets, it is hard to keep these floors clean. There is relief in a special vacuum and cleaners.

Recommended Products: Bona Wood Floor Cleaner & Dyson


8. LED Lighting

In some Historic Homes, the lighting is warm and dim. Making it hard to see features indoors and out. Now technology has made light brighter and stronger. LED lighting also lasts many years longer. Most of your current light bulb sockets fit the new LED bulbs. The price may be higher up front, but the savings over time is a lot.


7. Native Plant Landscaping

There are plenty of local plants that would make for a glorious

6. Essential Oils Home Diffuser

Breath free and add a little flavor to the air. Essential oils have proved to make you feel and smell better. A home diffuser works to disperse small oil particles into the air. Eliminating odors and creating a relaxing atmosphere. We use one in the office and love how it smells.


5. Vintage Mirrors for Decoration

Vintage mirrors are harder and harder to come by. The best part of these reflections are the designs and imperfections on them. What was once an art form has now become a simple commodity. A vintage mirror instantly gives the room character and history.



4. Decorative Rugs

Most Historic Homes are lacking carpet. They are filled with beautiful hardwood floors, but that isn’t always the best floor for a room. In order to keep the original feel and still had some texture to your favorite room, a large decorative rug is useful and a pop of color.


3. Local Modern Art

With the Paseo Arts and Plaza districts thriving with local artists, it is a given you will find a work of art that best fits in any home. Our artist in residence Christie Owen is one of those great modern artists of OKC. Her Abstracts can work in any home. Adding pops of color and design.


2. Books

The best Historic Homes had many built-in shelves. In most front rooms or studies, they had space for a library. And what is a library without books. Architecture, philosophy, religion and history, whatever type you like to read it is wonderful to fill your house with something to read. It also adds a lot of color to a room.


1. Framed Sketch of the Home

During the Mesta Park Holiday Home Tour we noticed that each house had been sketched and framed for the owners. This is a gift that you can take with you even if you leave the house. It can last forever and become a part of the history of the home. We encourage you to use a local artist, someone like Dean Wilhite, our Artist in Residence for 2017.


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