Top Ten Home Trends for 2019

With every new year comes new design trends. And while there definitely won’t be an all-out change from the home design trends we saw in 2018, there will be a few subtle shifts for 2019. Take a look and let us know on Facebook or Instagram what you think!

Image from

Image from

Gone are the days are knickknacks just for the sake of it. We’re seeing a consistent tendency toward functional, tidy spaces without tons of clutter, and we think it’ll stay that way all  through 2019.

2. Bolder walls and colorful cabinets. While neutrals are here to stay for the foreseeable future, people are more and more willing to incorporate bold, rich accent colors (like deep blues and forest greens) on their walls and cabinets.

809 NW 18th Street, listed by Joy Baresel at Verbode.

809 NW 18th Street, listed by Joy Baresel at Verbode.

3. Floral wallpaper. Wallpaper’s been back in for a while now, but florals are quickly taking over the trend. We see this gaining popularity and accessibility in 2019.

4. Colorful art. Abstract and neutral art has been the go-to for years, but many design authorities are predicting a strong pendulum swing toward brighter, bolder art. Our next Art Show at the Verbode office is coming soon, so stay tuned for an opportunity to support local artists and get on the colorful art trend!

Image from

Image from

5. Organic materials. With our increasingly technology-driven lives, people are gravitating toward natural  and organic materials that keep us in touch with nature: think linen, cotton, rattan and more.

6. Considering nature. On that same note, architects, designers and artists are more intentionally considering how to bring nature into our living spaces. Expect to see even bigger windows and glass walls, skylights and flexible indoor/outdoor rooms.

Image from

Image from

7. Integrated appliances. The pull toward minimalism has many homeowners seeking out appliances that are integrated as seamless parts of the kitchen. Particularly in more modern homes, you’ll see more appliance garages, hidden refrigerators and more.

8. Waterfall countertops. The clean, unbroken lines of waterfall countertops create the perfect amount of visual flow and make a kitchen feel put-together. Look for even more of this in 2019.

Image from Pantone

Image from Pantone

9. Living Coral / Nightwatch Green. Pantone’s color of the year is Living Coral, and Hunter Green (sometimes called “Nightwatch Green”) is also having its day in the sun. We’re loving both of these fresh, nature-inspired shades.

10. Soaking tubs. The soaking tub and rain shower combination is a favorite in many luxury homes, but this trend is becoming more and more approachable. We predict the proliferation of spa-style soaking tubs in 2019.

Of course, there’s no wrong way to design your home, as long as it meets your needs and captures what you love. Which of these home trends are you ready to incorporate this year?

Top Ten Ways to Simplify Your Home

clean slate_sb sm and stock photo

It’s a new year, and that means it’s time to simplify, cleanse and organize. There’s no need to get overwhelmed, though—simplifying and streamlining is a process made up of lots of tiny steps. Today, we’re looking at ten small steps you can take to simplify in the new year.

  1. P u r g e. You’ve likely decluttered before, but chances are you still have unnecessary items taking up space in your home. Start with one space—a guest bedroom, the hall closet or under the bed—and relentlessly throw out or donate everything that no longer serves you. The Homeless Alliance’s Day Shelter is always accepting donations for winter clothing and supplies. View their wish list here.
  1. O r g a n i z e  s u p p l i e s. Instead of spray bottles and cleaners peppered throughout your home, try dedicating cleaning caddies that you can carry with you. For a bathroom caddy, for example, you might include rags, disinfectant spray, toilet bowl cleaner/brush, and wet mop sheets. Tip: As much as it’s possible, minimize the number of different cleaners you use. Most likely, one bottle of cleaner will do the trick.

Image from

Image from

  1. M i n i m i z e  w a s t e. When it comes to products, it’s easy to go through bottle after bottle of toiletries, detergent, spray cleaners and more. We recommend checking out Plenty Mercantile’s reusable bottles and refill stations in their store. They have glass bottles for laundry detergent, hand soap and more. They’re beautiful, minimal and good for the environment. Win, win, win.
  1. C l e a r  o f f  s u r f a c e s. It’s surprisingly refreshing to create visual white space on the surfaces of your home. If you have a coffee table, entry table or counter that serves as a holding ground for papers, keys and junk, try clearing everything off and finding a new space for those items. Even decorations may need simplifying here.

Image from

Image from

  1. U t i l i z e  b i n s + t r a y s. If you’re short on hidden storage, corral loose papers and other items in a bin or tray. That way, all the clutter is confined to one small space. Then, make it a point to sort through this bin once a week or so to keep it manageable. And for the right container, hop over to our new local Container Store. They’ve got options for every size, space and budget.
  1. C l e a n s e  y o u r  d i e t. This is obviously more for you than your home, but while we’re in the mode of simplifying, it doesn’t hurt to cleanse our bodies as well. Make small goals each week that challenge you but don’t overwhelm you—maybe you aim to drink more water, eat 3 veggies every day or cut out sweets. For resources, support and delicious meal options, check out local clean-eating guru Emma Ryan and Nourished Food Co.
  1. S t r e a m l i n e  s t o r a g e. Take stock of your kitchen cabinets and other storage areas. Are the most commonly used items the easiest to access? If not, take some time to place items in a system that makes sense. For example, store prep bowls and knives right beside the spot where you typically chop and prep.

Image from Calvert's.

Image from Calvert’s.

  1. A d d  s o m e  g r e e n. There’s plenty of research on the benefits of plants in our homes. After you’ve cleared some surfaces and decluttered, add a few plants to bring in calming energy to your space. Calvert’s is one of our favorite spots for small and large potted plants.
  1. U n p l u g. Technology isn’t going anywhere, so it’s important to learn how to set healthy boundaries. Consider setting up a charging station for your phone and leaving it there for even just an hour a day. The benefits of even a small amount of screen-free time are massive!

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 12.16.15 PM

Image from LifeSquire.

  1. O u t s o u r c e. Local services like LifeSquire make it easy to organize, declutter or tidy. Contact them to achieve peace of mind that comes with a tidy home without taking hours out of your evening or weekend to do it yourself.

Top Ten Local Stocking Stuffer Ideas.


Image from Salt and Water Co.

Image from Salt and Water Co.

Is anyone else of the mindset that tiny gifts are the best gifts? Stockings are so fun to open and they’re just as fun to stuff with goodies. Today we’ve rounded up our top ten choices for locally sourced stocking stuffers. Happy Holidays!

10. Trade Mens Wares. Featuring beard oil and bar cart accessories for the best guy in your life.

9. Keep it Local gift card. For the friend who frequents all the latest local spots. Grab one online or at a participating location.

8. Rosegold. This shop has the loveliest accessories! For your extra-indie gal pal.

Image from Chirps & Cheers website

Image from

7. Chirps and Cheers. The most adorable paper shop. For the letter-writer, doodler and paper-lover in your life.

6. 84 Hospitality gift card. Give the gift of free Empire, Ponyboy, Goro & Revolucion. This one’s for your favorite foodie.

Image from Black Scintilla.

Image from Black Scintilla.

5. Black Scintilla. Look here for all sorts of accessories, mugs and more. For your sassy sister or best friend.

4. Urbane. Featuring gorgeous home goods and candles galore. Perfect for your mom or your cool aunt.

Image from Blue Seven.

Image from Blue Seven.

3. Blue Seven. They carry all sorts of local items, quirky gifts, accessories and more. For the hipster in your life.

2. Salt and Water. We’re swooning over this brand new clean-beauty shop in Midtown. For the friend who loves face masks and fancy baths.

Image from Plenty Mercantile.

Image from Plenty Mercantile.

  1. Plenty Mercantile. Our number one spot for stocking stuffers of all kinds. Great for decor, jewelry, toys, home goods and more. For anyone!

The 2018 Holiday Lights Guide


The nights might be longer, but the holiday lights around town are getting brighter and brighter. Our recommendation? Grab a cup of cocoa and bundle up for a magical drive through OKC. We’ve got the ultimate holiday lights guide right here:

Honorable Mention: This one’s not in the urban OKC area, but it’s definitely still worth the trip. Yukon’s Christmas in the Park is magical and totally free! Click here for details.

10.16th Street in the Plaza. This street is like a miniature Automobile Alley. Almost all of the shops have decorated their storefronts with stunning vertical strands of lights. And bonus: This area’s the perfect spot to grab dinner to go from Easy E Slice Shop!


9. Crystal Bridge at Myriad Gardens. Ok, so it’s not a street, and you have to leave your car, but their Illuminations event is definitely worth checking out sometime this holiday season. The lights are pure magic and the interactive experience is the perfect way to let kids share the wonder.

8. Automobile Alley. This is one of our favorite OKC traditions. Drive down Broadway to see all the storefronts decked out in their colorful best and snap a few pictures along the way. Then stop by KatieBug’s for some delicious hot chocolate and treats for your drive!

Image from AutoAlleyOKC

Image from AutoAlleyOKC

7. 30th & Walker. Hop over to the Paseo area to see lights around Central Park, Jefferson Park and Central Park. We love this area!

6. 19th Street in Linwood. This neighborhood has the most beautiful homes, and they’re holding a Christmas lights contest on December 14th, so the displays are more beautiful than ever.

5. 33rd Street in Edgemere Park. Take some time to drive through the streets of the wonderful Edgemere neighborhood. All of the homes are lovely, and the lights make the streets feel that much more quaint.

4. 13th Street in Heritage Hills. As always, Heritage Hills is the epitome of luxury and style. Their lights are always stunning, so you can’t go wrong driving through the entire neighborhood.

3. 18th Street in Mesta Park. Ok, this one was hard to pick. All of Mesta Park has wonderful light displays, so we recommend winding your way back and forth through the streets while you work your way north to 23rd Street.

Image from MestaPark.

Image from MestaPark Instagram.

2. 39th Street in Crown Heights. Driving down this street (and through the rest of Crown Heights) is like escaping to a Christmas village. The homes and lights are so tasteful and festive.

1. Wilshire Avenue/Grand Avenue. Nichols Hills is our number one spot to see the most beautiful holiday lights. Start at Grand or Wilshire and get lost in the Nichols Hills winter wonderland. There are amazing displays at every turn!


Top Ten Ways to Embrace Hygge

You may have heard of hygge by now—it’s the Danish word for that feeling of contentment and coziness often associated with the warmth of home. Now that the weather’s cooling down and the holidays are upon us, it’s the perfect time to bundle up, stay in, and celebrate the little comforts. Here are our top ten ways to incorporate hygge into your everyday life.

  1. Light a candle. Fragrance sets the stage for a calming atmosphere, and the flicker of candlelight is the essence of coziness. We love Bisby‘s holiday scents or anything from OKCollective Candle Co.
  1. Bring the outdoors in. Forage in your backyard for clippings of greenery or call The Plant Shoppe for a small arrangement. Around this time of year, you can’t go wrong with simple evergreen stems in vase.
  1. Exhale. Breathing deeply is a good way to be mindful and present in the moment. And if you feel like taking hygge to the next level, hop over to Udander’s steam and sauna rooms. There’s no better way to decompress.
  1. Pour the wine… Whether you go for a glass of your favorite Pinot or whip up a batch of spiced mulled wine, having a few bottles on hand ensure you can set the mood at a moment’s notice. The folks at Broadway Wine Merchants always have the best recommendations!
  1. …or the tea. Tea has loads of health benefits, and it helps you stay nice and toasty even when the weather’s cold. Our friends at Urban Teahouse and Woodshed Tea offer a huge selection of loose-leaf options. 
  1. Settle in with a good book. Pick up the novel you’ve been meaning to finish or a nonfiction book that inspires you. We recommend swinging by Commonplace Books or Full Circle to find the perfect read.
  1. Slip into a hot bath. A bath is the ideal way to take a moment for yourself in the middle of a hectic day. Locally owned Local Lather or Twinkle Apothecary have some deliciously indulgent soap and bath bomb options.
  1. Simmer something yummy. You could whip up a simple winter soup (Nourished makes the most delicious butternut squash soup!) or place a few ingredients on the stove for homemade potpourri—try adding cinnamon, orange, clove and apple for warm, delicious fragrance.
  1. Play some tunes. The right music instantly shifts the mood. Feeling classy? Go for jazz. Love cozy vibes? Try an acoustic playlist. And we’re partial to some of our favorite local artists—start with Bryce Merritt‘s Christmas album or anything by Judith, our favorite OKC trio.
  1. Include friends. The point of hygge is to share the love—it’s all about celebrating life together. Gather with good friends or folks you want to get to know better. Laughter and togetherness are good for the soul.

Verbode’s Take – Oklahoma City 4th of July

“Verbode’s Take” 4th of July in Oklahoma City

Let’s get started with the main event

Here are the best places to watch fireworks displays near the Urban Core and events happening in the Metro

Fireworks & Events

fireworksfireworksfireworks low-angle-view-of-firework-display-over-river-during-sunset-604213021-57752e7b3df78cb62c11aba4 US-fireworks

  • Bricktown 4th Fest
    Time: July 4th from 7-9 p.m. Fireworks immediately following OKC Dodgers vs Iowa Cubs game
    Location: Central Bricktown
  • Downtown 4th Fest
    Time: July 4th from 4-10 p.m. Fireworks begin at 9:45.
    Location: The Boathouse District, fireworks can be viewed from RIVERSPORT Adventures and Bricktown
  • Fantasy of Fire
    Time: Fireworks begin around 9:30 p.m. on July 4 and 7
    Location: Frontier City, 11501 N. I-35 Service Road
  • Edmond’s Liberty Fest
    Time: Beginning at 9:00 am
    Location: Downtown Edmond, Mitch Park

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 3.05.03 PM

Remember to be safe and practice fire safety if you choose to use fireworks.


Oklahoma City Events | Weekend of June 8th, 2018

Friday Forward

Here is a rundown of a few events happening in Oklahoma City this weekend




Dead Center Film Festival June 7th-10th

This film festival is local and ever-growing. If you couldn’t make it this year, be sure to get an all-access pass for next year. Many films will be screened, including Woman Walks Ahead featuring Michael Greyeyes (whom you might recognize from the tv show The Walking Dead) and Jessica Chastain. The film will be screened at The OKCMOA at 5:30pm Friday night. Even if you don’t have the all-access pass, some screenings and events will have paid admission after pass holders have taken their seats. See more information here:


Friday Evening Glow

Presented by Riversport Adventures, this event will be recurring all summer long. Catch the first event featuring live music from Jimmy Dale and the Beltline, grab a drink, and relax on the patio. What’s better than being waterside? Event takes place 6pm-11pm. See more details here:


LIVE! On the Pawza

This playful take on “LIVE! On the Plaza” is a pet-centered approach to the usual event that takes place every month in the Plaza District. Pet weddings, free pup-cones from Sasquatch Shaved Ice for the first 75 pets, pet caricatures, doggy pool party, and more make this event one you cannot miss! 6pm-10pm in the Plaza District. See more details here:




Red Earth Festival

A juried art market with native artists from all over the United States, a parade on Friday in Myriad Gardens, and The Red Earth Pow Wow on Saturday and Sunday are just a few reasons to attend. Located in the Cox Convention Center it ends on Sunday. See more details here:

asian district

Asian District Night Market Festival

Starting at 4pm on Saturday night and ending at 11pm this inaugural event takes place in Military Park. There will be a pho eating contest, a kids area with inflatables, food trucks with asian food items, and a center stage with various entertainment acts for all to enjoy. Nuevo Studio designed the graphic for the event and countless sponsors stepped in to make this first event HUGE! See more details here:



Wanderlust Pop-Up Shops

Sunday from 10am-6pm more than 80 vendors will pack the space surrounding the Wheeler Ferris Wheel. This is a free event and the emphasis is on the local vendors and supporting local business! The Big Friendly Beer Bus and other food trucks will also be in attendance. This is a family-friendly event, so bring the kids! See more details here:


Did we miss anything? Email us at

Top Ten Neighborhoods to Trick or Treat in OKC

Are you looking for a great trick-or-treat spot? Does your Neighborhood seem to lack a good selection of candy? In the Urban Core of OKC it has become a tradition to attend Halloween night in a Neighborhood that may not be your own. Don’t worry this year, we have put together a list of Neighborhoods that do Halloween right!

This year the official night is Monday the 31st! Remember street safety rules any time you will be crossing streets– especially on Halloween night!

10. Cleveland

Any Neighborhood with a school at its entrance is destined to have homes with kid friendly candy. Cleveland is a smaller Neighborhood with simple streets to follow.

9. Crestwood

With long streets and a main boulevard, Crestwood is great for those parents who only have time for one street and need to keep a close eye on their kids. Their Haunt the Median starts at 6:30 p.m. Monday night on 19th street.

8. Shepherd

A Neighborhood filled with families who love the holiday spirit, Shepherd gives you the opportunity to grab candy and then maybe some dinner nearby.

7. Miller

With two long and wide boulevards that actually intersect, Miller is perfect for large groups. It has plenty of street parking and space to take breaks.

6. Linwood Place

A festive Neighborhood with one of the best boulevards in the City. 19th Street is well known for its easy pickings for great candy. Also a great place for larger groups.

5. Putnam Heights

A Neighborhood that, in some sections, has large estates. Putnam Heights is quiet and traffic is at a minimum. This is great for younger trick-or-treaters.

4. Heritage Hills

A Neighborhood that has several areas of low and high traffic. Depending on your group size and the age of your trick-or-treaters, you can pick your spot. It is said that some homes leave candy even if no one is home.

3. Crown Heights/Edgemere Park

Long sloping streets and plenty of festive families, Crown Heights/Edgemere Park boasts some of the best trick or treating in the City. If you start early, you might not be able to carry all the candy.

2. Mesta Park

A short walk down any Mesta Park street and you will realize this neighborhood loves Halloween. It also shows when you finish the evening with an amazing assortment of candy!

1. Nichols Hills

Likely the largest and most giving Neighborhood in OKC! It will feel more like Christmas than Halloween when you realize what is in your treat bag.

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Top 10 Modern Ways Verbode Markets Real Estate

In today’s world of marketing, there are so many ways to get your product to the masses. Yet, it isn’t always so easy to figure out the best way to do that. Real Estate marketing has been pretty basic and lacking imagination for awhile now. The visionaries at Verbode didn’t want to have anything to do with that. So they decided to mix it up a bit and expand their marketing along with the growth of OKC!

Top 10 Modern Ways Verbode Markets Real Estate


10. Twilight Open House

A staple of Thursday nights after work, Twilight Open Houses are our chance to give the public the best first introduction possible to your property. We go all out for our Clients. We have included food trucks, catering from local favorites, local artist shows, and local musicians. If we can entice people to come see the home with their own eyes, it isn’t long before someone falls in love. It also gives the owner an excuse to have a going away party for the place they called home.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 11.47.33 AM

9. Creative Wordsmithing

Yes, a great photo of a home can spark the interest, but the right language can convince a non-believer. If you haven’t noticed, “verb” is part of our name. We see too many listing descriptions give a great home a weak story. Verbode is here to change that. Every home deserves a great description.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 12.31.28 PM

8. Branding

Branding is no longer just the logo and the phrase, it is living what you do. It is believing in an idea. One you can share with those you work with. At Verbode, our brand is synonymous with the Urban Core of Oklahoma City. We want to provide to our clients a concierge experience catered to their lifestyle. Our clients no longer look for a new home, they look for a new city, community, and neighborhood. Our mission at Verbode is to connect the beautiful individuals of Oklahoma City to their perfect community. One in which they not only live but thrive in.


7. Historical Education

Oklahoma City has a shaky past when it comes to historic buildings. We believe our mentality for historical structures can be changed. By informing the public and community about our historic homes and buildings we hope to create a loving appreciation for the past. Oklahoma City has many stories worth telling and remembering, and the homes and structures that have stood the test of time are deserving of a platform to tell their unique histories.


6. Blogging

If you are reading this right now, then our marketing is working. Blogging has become one of the optimal ways to inform. With news, events, and opportunities to see an open house conveniently placed at your fingertips, blogging is convenient and effective. There is a sea of Real Estate websites, but they are hard to navigate. We are able to give you a detailed list of properties we have open on the weekends, along with a map. Our blogs also underscore our love for Oklahoma City and commitment to being active in local events and a part of the communities in which we place our clients.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 12.21.16 PM

5. Staging/Art

Not everyone can bring to life a home in their own minds. If you walk into an empty space and that is all you see, you will likely benefit from a staged home. Giving the buyer and seller an example of what the space could look like actually stimulates the imagination. When a realtor has a showing in a staged space, they don’t have to set a scene for every room. In some cases, the staged items and/or the art will stay with the home and go along with the sell.


4. Website

The internet is a daily part of our lives in many different ways. Now with more people connected to it, having a website is the best way to connect clients to your business. Our website allows anyone to find an agent, a home, and learn more about their communities. We give them many options to find what they are looking for. They can search by district, neighborhood or even city. They can even find the featured listings we represent. In addition, our website makes it easier for potential buyers to connect with our team and get connected to your property on a shorter timeline.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 12.22.49 PM

3. Photos and Videos

Visualizing a home is not as easy as it sounds. Being able to show a home at it’s best is what photography and videography can do. Photography has always been a great way to show a home and sparks the interest in those who are looking. Coupling photo with video has made for a beneficial bonus for both client and realtor. It helps everyone see the home as it is. It can also highlight the features that a client might be looking for in a home. Verbode builds working relationships with skilled local photographers that we trust to bring the best images of your home to the market.


2. Social Media

If it is an app on your phone, we are likely already marketing on it. Facebook is one of the best ways to connect to our clients. Everyone is connected to it and everyone checks it several times a day. So we wanted to be ready and available in the places they spend most of their time. We also have an Instagram we update with new listings and open houses. Other social media accounts are listed below:

youtube-dreamstale86 twitter-dreamstale71 snapchat-dreamstale62 pinterest-dreamstale57 linkedin-dreamstale45 instagram-dreamstale43 google-dreamstale37 facebook-dreamstale25

1. We Listen

And we aren’t just saying that. Taking care of our clients is the most important part of our business model. We take everything they tell us and we use that as a tool to find them what they need. Customer service is not dead, it is alive and well at Verbode. Please contact us via email, phone, text, social media, etc. We want to work with you and get to know you! Let us show you a better way to real estate.


Top Ten Staging Tips to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

10 Staging Tips to Get Your Home Ready to Sell


So you are selling your home? How on earth do you get it ready to sell? We find it best to stage your home before you sell it. Not only does it get you move-out ready, it will give a buyer a clean slate in which to envision their new home. Staging allows the buyer to see what could be and not what was. *95% of buyer’s agents have said that home staging affects a buyer’s view of a home. When selling your home, you want it to look its best. Staging allows for the best.

10. Clean House

Act as if your Mother-in-Law is coming to town and you need to impress. First, get rid of the clutter. No one wants to see your dirty dishes or laundry, so pick it up. Second, sanitize the areas where human activity is high. You may not realize how much grime has built up. Third, make sure drapes and sheets are not wrinkled. They need to look fresh and ready to use.

9. Remove personal items

The idea is to let people believe they can live in your home. They will be distracted if they see family photos, toys, or pet bowls around the house. Clean out the closets in order to show there is plenty of space. You are going to be packing anyways, why not get a head start with these items.

8. Mow the Lawn

A well kept yard is a sign of a well kept home. Work on the landscaping around the parts of the home that are most visible from the street. Curb appeal gets people in the door to see all the work you have done to stage inside. It doesn’t take a green thumb to keep up the yard.

7. Artwork as Accent

After you take down some of the personal photos and paintings, don’t leave your walls naked. Find artwork that will accent your furnishings and color schemes. You can also add mirrors in rooms that need a little help looking larger.

6. Create Focal Points

Each room needs a focal point in order for buyers to see the room best. You can achieve this by adding a vase with flowers or bowl of fruit in the kitchen. The small touches can go a long way to improving the look of a room.

5. Consult with a Photographer

After all the staging is done, you will want to have photos taken of the new space. Why not consult with the photographer before you start staging? This will save you a ton of time. A photographer can tell you the best angles in each room. They can also tell you how to update your lighting.

4. Lighting is Important

This is how you take advantage of your photographer consult. Some rooms in the house will have plenty of light and some will have no light at all. With windows, bringing in natural light may be the trick.

3. Paint in Neutral Colors

Everyone has their favorite color, you shouldn’t try selling your house with all your personal favorites. Find soft, neutral colors that can match any style of staging. White is always best in order to give the buyer a clean slate. It is also very popular right now, especially in the kitchen.

2. Stage before you list the property

First impressions can mean everything to the sell of a house. If you list it without proper staging and photos, you may lose a buyer. *81% of buyers said they can visualize a home as theirs if it is staged.

1. Hire a professional!

You want to work with someone who is certified and accredited in Real Estate Home Staging. Not everyone has the expertise needed to best represent your home. Your best friend who has good taste doesn’t count.


*Sources for the list. Home Staging on a Budget, and Home Staging Resource

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