Heritage Hills


Heritage Hills


Residents of the Heritage Hills neighborhood in Oklahoma City benefit from living so close to the heart of this vibrant place. Heritage Hills is a historic area that has seen a lot of residential and commercial development over the years, but there has always been strong community pride in preserving its past and paving the way for a bright future for all residents.

The homes for sale in Heritage Hills are highly desirable and range from beautiful mansions and historic properties to more modern condos, townhomes and more. Home buyers that are looking for a charming inner city neighborhood with personality to spare should take the time to look at Heritage Hills. It’s never too late to spend time investigating all that the homes for sale in Heritage Hills have to offer.

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Heritage Hills is the kind of neighborhood that most people can only dream about. Beautiful homes, tree-lined streets and close-knit neighborhood activities are all part of living here. The boundaries of Heritage Hills are NW 23rd Street in the north and NW 13th Street in the south. Residents are also quite close to I-235 so commuting is an option for work or education. Public transportation is also available in the form of Embark buses, and the Will Rogers World Airport is only a few miles to the southwest, providing air travel for those who need it.

Heritage Hills was first developed in the early 1900s as wealthy businessmen sought a place near the state capitol building. What was once a remote hilly area quickly became a neighborhood with large mansions for the city’s elite. For many decades, Heritage Hills remained a luxury neighborhood, but in the 1960s, a historic preservation group was formed to protect the unique characteristics found in Heritage Hills. Today, the neighborhood is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a designated Historic Preservation District.

Heritage Hills residents really benefit from living in such a fine urban area. The public schools are some of the best in the city and they provide outstanding education opportunities for the neighborhood’s youngest residents. The Heritage Newsletter keeps all residents up to date on what’s happening in the neighborhood. Of course, there are plenty of shopping and retail areas nearby where residents can find the goods and services they need. There are so many advantages to living in this bustling metro area.

Of course, living in Heritage Hills means that residents are always going to find something to do in their spare time. Nearby neighborhoods include Plaza District, Uptown 23rd and The Paseo. All of these places have restaurants, shops, cafes, galleries and more. Residents can enjoy Winans Park or the nearby Goodholm Park and McKinley Park. Other attractions nearby are Poteet Theatre, Oklahoma State Capitol, Harn Homestead, Oklahoma History Center, and Oklahoma City University. Residents will have plenty of fun things to choose from when living in Heritage Hills.

Home buyers are going to love living here, and all they need to do to convince themselves is to spend some time looking at the homes for sale in Heritage Hills. With so many sizes and styles on the market today, it’s no wonder that home buyers are getting the type of Heritage Hills real estate they’ve always wanted.