Linwood Place


Linwood Place


As one of the oldest neighborhoods in Oklahoma City, Linwood Place has seen its fair share of excitement. Residents of this thriving community take special pride in the rich history while enjoying all the benefits that a modern city has to offer. While there are many neighborhoods in Oklahoma City, there are not many that can really measure up to Linwood Place.

The homes for sale in Linwood Place are a blend of styles, sizes and prices. Most of the properties were built from 1910 through the late 1930s. Styles like Colonial Revival, Craftsman, Tudor Revival and more are represented among the homes for sale in Linwood Place. As one of the top historic communities in Oklahoma City, Linwood Place real estate is attracting the attention of home buyers that want to experience the renaissance taking place here.

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Linwood Place is definitely one of those interesting communities where the neighbors are friendly and range in age from single professionals to young families to seniors. It is also pedestrian friendly and is close enough to key commercial and business areas that residents can commute to the careers of their choice. This inviting neighborhood is not just a showcase for historic homes, it is a safe and active place to settle down. Residents have all the advantages when living in Linwood Place thanks to its accessibility, charm and interactive citizens.

Linwood Place is bordered by NW 23rd Street in the north, Drexel Boulevard in the east, NW 16th Street in the south and I-44 in the west. Nearby neighborhoods include Reed Park, Crestwood, Lyons Park, Las Vegas, Corbin Hills, Musgrave Pennington and more. When it comes to places that enhance life and encourage community involvement, Linwood Place is the best neighborhood in northwest Oklahoma City.

Linwood Place is a fine place for residents to take advantage of community benefits. Public schools are managed by the Oklahoma City Public School District and they provide a fine education for the neighborhood children. Outstanding fire, rescue and police protection mean that Linwood Place is one of the safest neighborhoods around. Bustling retail areas nearby allow residents to easily find goods and services they need. The community is active with festivities and events like holidays and annual activities. There are plenty of reasons why residents of Linwood Place plan on staying for a lifetime.

Of course, Linwood Place is set near many different attractions, sites and more. It is close to Will Rogers Gardens, Portland Plaza Shopping Center, State Fair Park, Oklahoma City University and White Water Bay. Other attractions include Five Hole Golf Course, Oklahoma River, Outlet Shoppes at Oklahoma City and Dolese Youth Park, among others. There’s never a dull minute for residents of Linwood Place that are interested in recreation and entertainment.

Home buyers are going to jump at the chance to own one of the homes for sale in Linwood Park. This historic neighborhood has everything that urban dwellers might want, and it only takes a short time looking at Linwood Place real estate to determine that it is worth having. Wherever they are coming from and whatever kind of property they are seeking, home buyers won’t regret checking out Linwood Place real estate.