Top Ten Ways to Pick a Neighborhood for your Family

In modern day Real Estate, we have found more than ever that choosing a Neighborhood is the most important decision a Buyer makes. They are looking for the perfect community, not just the perfect home. Schools, retail, traffic, walkability and style all play a role in choosing a Neighborhood. The Urban Core of OKC is seeing a renaissance of the City Neighborhood.

The diversity of style and location in the Urban Core allows many buyers to have multiple options. Everything from Historic to modern housing is on the rise. So how do you find that perfect Neighborhood for your Family? We put together a list of ten ways to make that decision.

10. Traffic

Living in the Urban Core of a major Metropolitan area can be a time saver. Unless of course you live next to a major street or highway. Always check the traffic in and around the Neighborhoods you are looking at. You might find it is too much for your sanity to wait in line to get only a few blocks. Oklahoma City is still relatively light on traffic, but populations grow.

Example: Jefferson Park is close to a major highway, but is hidden away from major traffic.

9. Landscape

Believe it or not, there are Urban Core Neighborhoods with inclined streets and busy yards in OKC. If you love doing yard work yourself, look for homes that have customizable spaces. Streets lined with tall streets can give you shade during Summer months. However, those trees then drop their leaves all over yards and streets. If that is a hassle to you, choose a Neighborhood with younger, smaller trees.

Example: Crown Heights is known for the many different landscapes and has close access to multiple parks.



8. History

At Verbode we love the history of our homes. The stories of owners past and the many changes the Neighborhood and home have been through. Some Neighborhoods have more history than others which will likely give them protection from the Historic Preservation of OKC. Changes to homes must be approved in order to keep the Neighborhood as it was meant to look.

Example: Heritage Hills has more homes with great stories than they know what to do with.

7. Retail

With the rise of OKC districts, more and more local retail is opening near Urban Core Neighborhoods. Whether it be restaurants or shopping opportunities, the Urban Core has plenty to choose from. If your favorite store or restaurant is only walking distance away, you may want to rethink moving in that Neighborhood. It may cause you to gain weight or spend too much money. All joking aside, there are many Neighborhoods that benefit from their close proximity to retail.

Example: Gatewood, in close proximity of the Plaza District, is walking distance from many new shops and restaurants.


6. Walking & Biking Ability

Cities are trying harder to give their citizen’s more options of getting around town. It is a huge plus to have sidewalks and plenty of room for bikes in a Neighborhood. It almost seemed a sense of nostalgia to think of a Neighborhood that was walkable and bike safe. Now thanks to a few Maps Projections, OKC neighborhoods are getting new sidewalks and streets are being widened. Nothing is better than walking in your Neighborhood with your family and pets. Check out the walkscore of your favorite Neighborhood.

Example: Mesta Park has wide streets and brand new sidewalks that a many residents use on a daily basis.

5. Association

Not all Neighborhoods have Associations, but the strong and well connected ones do. In recent years a few Neighborhoods in the Urban Core lacked a plan of action to make their Neighborhoods better. Now there are strong Associations within even the smallest of Neighborhoods. Associations can help with beautification and maintenance of the area. It also allows for block parties and get togethers so you can better know those who live nearby.

Example: Miller has recently put together a great and well received Neighborhood Association.

4. Access

Access has a lot to do about location and how to get in and out of your Neighborhood. Most Neighborhoods in the Urban Core were planned on a grid system. Allowing multiple different entrance and exit points through out. It is now important to find the routes through your Neighborhood that take you to your favorite Districts. You may find out it is easier to access by foot or bike, than by car.

Example: Paseo is wedged between the Paseo Arts District and Uptown 23rd. Both a short walk from the Neighborhood.

3. Affordability

We are very lucky in the OKC Urban Core to have many ranges of affordability. Yes, most everyone wants to live in the Historic Neighborhood with large estates and amazing architecture. However, the best Neighborhood for your family, is the one that is affordable to your financial situation. There are Neighborhoods that would surprise you with their affordability.

Example: Crestwood gives you the historic feel with the affordability for all price ranges.


2. Schools

Now more than ever we are searching for schools that we feel safe sending our kids too. Not only do we want them to receive a great academic education, we also want them to have a strong social education. Learning to interact with all types of people and cultures. Many of the Urban Neighborhoods have schools built right in the middle. This means you can walk your most precious of family members to school everyday.

Example: Cleveland has a school with the same name and is also close to the Middle & High schools your children would attend.

1. Safety

Above all we want to feel safe in our Neighborhoods. Crime is not always consistent in certain areas, so it is important to research the area and those living in it. Ask potential Neighbors if they have felt safe living in that Neighborhood. Make sure the crime rate is low and on the decline. Take a stroll through the streets at night to gage if it feels safe. Street lights and open front doors are good indicators of how safe a Neighborhood is.

Example: Putnam Heights has sidewalks with lights and plenty of room between homes. Allowing for a buffer from the major streets and traffic.


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10 Reasons Verbode Loves Crown Heights

Crown Heights Historic neighborhood is one of Verbode’s favorite places to sell homes. It is filled with tall trees, spacious parks and walking distance to the Western Avenue District. It is a neighborhood that can cover all the bases for someone wanting to live in the urban core. A one stop shop urban family neighborhood.

10 Reasons we Love Crown Heights

10. The Art Murals – In 2014 Western Avenue asked local Artists to add some life to the walls of restaurants and retail locations. Two new murals were also added in 2015, making the area a makeshift museum for daily commuters and shoppers.

Crown Heights

9. The Activities – Crown Heights is infamous for their Halloween crowds. Families from all over come out to trick or treat in a neighborhood who obviously gives out the best treats. The neighborhood also throws a parade, pet show, and picnic during the 4th of July. New to the events is the West Fest on Western Avenue, which includes food trucks and live music.

Crown Heights

8. The Shops – Furniture, antiques, florists, spices, records, and men’s goods. There are so many options for the avid shopper in any family. Grab a vinyl at Guestroom Records, a gift at A Date with Iris, or maybe some spices from Savory Spice.

Crown Heights

7. The Bars – There are few streets in all of the United States that can boast about multiple historic bars. From the Sipango Lounge to VZD’s, and who hasn’t heard about the Cock O-The Walk, there is plenty of space to indulge in the nightlife scene on Western Avenue.

Crown Heights

6. The Restaurants – It is easy to be a glutton in Crown Heights with all of the great food nearby. Iron Star by Good Egg Dining, Sushi Neko by Western Concepts, and The Drum Room by Deep Fork. All great options to fill a family’s plate.

Crown Heights

5. The Trees – It is hard to miss the towering trees that bring shade during the hot summer days. When fall comes, the leaves turn and it is hard not to take a long walk or bike ride up and down the boulevard.

Crown Heights

4. The Styles of Architecture – The most obvious style is Colonial, but there are many other representations of great architecture. Styles like Art Deco, Craftsman, and Prairie.

Crown Heights

3. The Parks – Crown Heights, Douglas, Edgemere Heights, and Guy James parks are all close by. Within minutes, you are amongst beautiful green areas and streams. All parks have playgrounds and walking trails. Great for getting the kids tired and your dogs their exercise.

Crown Heights

2. The Neighborhood Association – In 1973 the Crown Heights-Edgemere Height Homeowners Association was founded to promote fellowship, preservation, and beautification. The Security Association founded in the 1980s provides 24-hour armed patrol and the area enjoys a very low crime rate.

Crown Heights

1. Our Current Listings – Both Joy Baresel and Mary Hatch have listings available in Crown heights. The homes were open this last weekend and will probably be gone soon. Contact them now to get your chance at living it his Historic Gem in the Urban Core of OKC!

Crown Heights    Crown Heights