Top Ten Staging Tips to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

10 Staging Tips to Get Your Home Ready to Sell


So you are selling your home? How on earth do you get it ready to sell? We find it best to stage your home before you sell it. Not only does it get you move-out ready, it will give a buyer a clean slate in which to envision their new home. Staging allows the buyer to see what could be and not what was. *95% of buyer’s agents have said that home staging affects a buyer’s view of a home. When selling your home, you want it to look its best. Staging allows for the best.

10. Clean House

Act as if your Mother-in-Law is coming to town and you need to impress. First, get rid of the clutter. No one wants to see your dirty dishes or laundry, so pick it up. Second, sanitize the areas where human activity is high. You may not realize how much grime has built up. Third, make sure drapes and sheets are not wrinkled. They need to look fresh and ready to use.

9. Remove personal items

The idea is to let people believe they can live in your home. They will be distracted if they see family photos, toys, or pet bowls around the house. Clean out the closets in order to show there is plenty of space. You are going to be packing anyways, why not get a head start with these items.

8. Mow the Lawn

A well kept yard is a sign of a well kept home. Work on the landscaping around the parts of the home that are most visible from the street. Curb appeal gets people in the door to see all the work you have done to stage inside. It doesn’t take a green thumb to keep up the yard.

7. Artwork as Accent

After you take down some of the personal photos and paintings, don’t leave your walls naked. Find artwork that will accent your furnishings and color schemes. You can also add mirrors in rooms that need a little help looking larger.

6. Create Focal Points

Each room needs a focal point in order for buyers to see the room best. You can achieve this by adding a vase with flowers or bowl of fruit in the kitchen. The small touches can go a long way to improving the look of a room.

5. Consult with a Photographer

After all the staging is done, you will want to have photos taken of the new space. Why not consult with the photographer before you start staging? This will save you a ton of time. A photographer can tell you the best angles in each room. They can also tell you how to update your lighting.

4. Lighting is Important

This is how you take advantage of your photographer consult. Some rooms in the house will have plenty of light and some will have no light at all. With windows, bringing in natural light may be the trick.

3. Paint in Neutral Colors

Everyone has their favorite color, you shouldn’t try selling your house with all your personal favorites. Find soft, neutral colors that can match any style of staging. White is always best in order to give the buyer a clean slate. It is also very popular right now, especially in the kitchen.

2. Stage before you list the property

First impressions can mean everything to the sell of a house. If you list it without proper staging and photos, you may lose a buyer. *81% of buyers said they can visualize a home as theirs if it is staged.

1. Hire a professional!

You want to work with someone who is certified and accredited in Real Estate Home Staging. Not everyone has the expertise needed to best represent your home. Your best friend who has good taste doesn’t count.


*Sources for the list. Home Staging on a Budget, and Home Staging Resource

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Top Ten Tile Ideas

If you haven’t been inside a new modern built home, you might have missed tile becoming a new way to express your interior personality. With new technologies, tile has become easy to use and versatile. The limit to what you can do with tile has yet to be reached. This is causing designers, engineers and artists coming up with great new ideas for tile inside a home. Everything from petrified wood to antique flooring to just plain white tile in a chevron style. Tile is also found in every shape and every size.

At Verbode we work with home builders and home remodelers. Both are using tile to make a statement in very different ways. Here are Ten ways you can use tile to make a statement in your new or current home.

10. All White Everything


The current trend that we are seeing is white tile. This is on your kitchen backsplash, in your showers and yes, even some flooring. A lot of remodeling contractors have found that white tile allows for more color choices for an owner. Home owners do not have to worry about clashing with the tile and end up purchasing that furniture show piece that wows their guests. To give it a little more design, make a geographic design with it.


9. Geometrics


Tile is now come in all shapes and sizes. It even has geometric designs that can add a ton of life to your interior. It is no longer hard to find a hexagon tile with artistic designs on it. Try using a different shape in each room you tile. It creates a new surprise every time you enter a room.

8. Multi-Colored


If you are going to add color, why not add multiple colors? The number of different Color palettes is endless. Be careful with this idea, it can quickly become tacky with too many colors or colors that do not accent each other. Use in your bathroom that has the white sink and faucet.

7. Woodgrain


The look of wood with out the hassle of it going bad. Easy to keep clean and it gives your room a feel of the outdoors. There are many colors and shades to choose from. Use a light brown for the walls and a light gray on the floor.


6. Marble

Marble is no longer just for your countertops. Now it is being used in backsplashes in the kitchen and bathrooms. This tile can bring a feel of luxury to any space in your home. Use in an all white kitchen as a backsplash to compliment the new marble countertop.


5. Brick


Brick is seen primarily in older homes and not so much in Modern builds. Here is a great way to add a vintage look to your modern home. Use in a living or entertainment room to give them a more rustic look.

4. Ceramic


Ceramic is now so versatile, you can really let your imagination go wild. It comes in all shapes and sizes. It is easy to use on the floor, in the bathroom or on your kitchen backsplash. Try using a large ceramic tile on the floor and a smaller tile on your backsplash.

3. Glass


Do you want a little more gloss or shimmer in your home? Glass is the tile for you. It has become increasingly popular for those who want a very clean look. It also gives the illusion of more depth. Use this in the stand up shower or bathroom backsplash.

2. Subway


Subway style can work in any room. Right now we are seeing all white subway tile in kitchens, bathrooms and even the laundry room. Lets face it, the laundry room can get dirty, so why not put easy to clean tile on the walls. Use on the wall in any room and mix with a artistic tile on the floor.

1. Mixed


Today it is possible to mix many different styles and come up with the room you always wanted. There are combinations in color, shape or type that can be unique to your home. Tile is a great way of putting your creative touch and personality into any room.

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