Top 10 Tuesday at Verbode- Fall Events in the OKC Metro

Top Ten Tuesday at Verbode – Fall Events in the OKC Metro


There are so many fun fall events coming up in October and November in the OKC Metro. Here’s a run-down of the ten we think you should not miss:

1. OKC Horror Fest: Two Things

This event put on by the OKC Film Society and hosted at The Venue OKC will offer a viewing of The Thing From Another World (1951) and John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982). These movies both offer political commentary on their respective eras without sacrificing story. Catch the showings for free from 6-11 PM tonight, October 3rd, 2017.

More information here:


2. A Night Out for Puerto Rico: Fundraiser and Supply Drive

On Thursday the 5th of October from 5-8pm, Flashback RetroPub and The Fried Taco have joined together to throw a fundraiser for hurricane relief efforts. 100% of the evening’s food and beverage sales will be donated in conjunction with a supply drive for needed items. There will be tables set up outside for families and those who wish to enter Flashback will need to be 21+.

More information here:


3. Lunar Moon Festival

Saturday, October 7th, from 4PM-10PM the Vietnamese American Community of Oklahoma City and Vicinity are hosting this harvest festival that is celebrated by ethnic Vietnamese and Chinese. According to the Facebook event, “Dragon dances, traditional dance performances, food trucks, vendors…and games” will be essential parts of this celebration. Children will also be treated to free lanterns and other goodies. It will take place in Military Park.

More information here:


4. Midtown Walkabout

October 21st, from 2-6PM the 4th Annual Midtown Walkabout will feature live music, giveaways, specials from local businesses and more. For a complete list of offers visit the link below. Listed on their website are several new additions to the event including, “Live pumpkin carving demonstration, live muralist, The Big Friendly, live chalk artist, and more!”

More information here:


5. Brick or Treat

At this free event Bricktown businesses cater to the kiddos encouraging children under the age of 14 to come dressed in full costumes. Maps will be passed out in Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark and Mickey Mantle Plaza for trick-or-treaters. Afterwards, the movie Hocus Pocus will be played at 7:30pm in the Ballpark. This event will take place on Tuesday, October 24th from 4-7PM.

More information here:


6. St. Elijah Annual Food Festival and Bake Sale

Well worth the short drive to St. Elijah Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church on North May Avenue, this annual festival combines culture, arts, and extremely good Mediterranean ethnic food. This event runs from October 27th at 10 AM until October 28th at 8pm. In addition, the church itself has beautiful architecture and a small room is staged for displays on history and tradition.

More information here:


7. Gypsy Glam Roadshow Fall Festival

October 28th from 11AM-3PM at Tony’s Tree Plantation. This family-friendly event will feature a “pooch parade” and pumpkin decorating as well as numerous pop-up shops and food trucks. Halloween costumes are encouraged for this event as there will be selfie-stations for your children and/or pets.

More information here:


8. Fall Open Streets OKC

This street festival is a celebration of healthier living and community. The stretch of S. Robinson from SW 15th to SW 29th is “reclaimed” for the use of cyclists, walkers, skateboarders, etc. and the purpose is to encourage accessible communities in order to strengthen the local community and economy. Local food and activities will be a key part. It will take place from 1-5PM on October 29th.

More information here:


9. Wizards on Western: Harry Potter Festival

Hosted in the Western Avenue District of Oklahoma City, this event combines all the love for Potter World with the idea of community and local business patronage. The sorting hat, selfie stations and photo ops, activities, and more will be high-points. Additional activities will require a paid admission but include Tri-Wizard Harry Potter Trivia and a Harry Potter themed band inside Will Rogers Theater. November 12th from 1PM-6PM.

More information here:



10. Thanksgiving Celebration at Chickasaw Cultural Center

Saturday November 25th and Sunday November 26th the Chickasaw Cultural Center in Sulphur opens their doors for two days filled with cultural demonstrations, including stomp dance, and tours of their traditional village. There will also be a children’s Christmas workshop and decorations on display and for sale throughout the center and in the retail shops.

More information here:

Photo from the Cultural Center in Sulphur. January 25, 2011 Photographer: Mike McKee

Photo from the Cultural Center in Sulphur.
January 25, 2011
Photographer: Mike McKee


Let us know which ones you make it to!




Verbode’s Top 10 Tuesday Mesta Park

unnamedVerbode’s Top 10 Tuesday features Mesta Park. Mesta Park, also known as the University Addition,  is a distinct neighborhood situated in the heart of Oklahoma City. Though there are so many things we love about this historic area adjacent to Heritage Hills, we’re sharing ten of our favorites!



1. Landscaped medians- Along 18th Street and Shartel are medians home to gorgeous seasonal plantings. At one time, this route served as Oklahoma City’s old trolley line. The trolley was designed to make Mesta Park, once considered “the suburbs”, accessible and close-by to the growing downtown area.







2. Diverse historic home styles- Bungalow, Craftsman, Victorian, Four-square, Neo-classical and Prairie home designs can be seen on a walk or drive through Mesta Park. If you are an architecture fan or even an Oklahoma history buff, you’ll find the area rich in information and restored historic homes.







3. Namesake- “Perle Skirvin Mesta” was a renowned hostess within the neighborhood. Her father was William B. Skirvin (yes, of the Skirvin hotel) but her own accomplishments and reputation are infamous in their own right. Besides throwing lavish parties for everyone in the political world including presidents, and later many others, she was dedicated to helping the underprivileged and a marked businesswoman. Check out this excerpt from a story by the Oklahoman: “When her husband died from a heart attack in April 1925…[she] inherited an overwhelming majority of company stock and stunned the all-male board of directors by seating herself as her husband’s replacement on the board.” Perle Mesta is an excellent and incredibly interesting namesake. For more information see:





Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 8.43.51 AM

4. Holiday Home Tour- Around Christmastime the air in OKC changes and many look forward to local events that define the season. The Mesta Park Holiday Home Tour is an excellent way to get an inside look at the different homes and see the holiday decorations. Carolers roam the neighborhood, food trucks park, and often a van service is provided for transportation. Click on the photo to see the video!





 5. Trees- These beautiful trees were most likely first planted when the area was platted and developed. That makes these trees over a hundred years old. They provide excellent shade and break that enduring Oklahoma wind.







Taken by: Chad Bennett

Taken by: Chad Bennett

 6. The People- Mesta Park is  a friendly neighborhood with  diversity in abundance. This  has always been the case and  can be seen walking to and  from different areas of the  neighborhood. As one article  stated, “[homes] 1,200 to  5,000 square feet- is one of  the main reasons why the  neighborhood attracts such a  variety of residents.” On top of that, the neighborhood’s hosting of events and decorating in the seasons makes it a community hub.







The holiday decorated home of Will Lightfoot at 501 NW 18th in Oklahoma City, Okla., on Friday, Nov. 18, 2016. Lightfoot's home is on the Mesta Park Holiday Home Tour Dec. 3-4. Photo by Chris Landsberger, The Oklahoman

Photo by Chris Landsberger, The Oklahoman

7. Halloween- Mesta Park is one of the hottest neighborhoods to trick-or-treat and view elaborate decorations. Giant blow up cat? Check. Massive spiderweb draping not only the yard but even the columns of the house and adjacent tree? Check. Members of the neighborhood stock up on candy, but it’s easy to run out by 8pm because of the sheer volume of cute kids and their parents who line the streets in various costumes.








8. Perle Mesta Park- This city park is host to a plethora of activities. Mesta Festa takes place on its grounds, kids often play here, and it serves as a place of community. There are swings and a playground for kids and young at heart, a wonderful pavilion to shelter from the harsh weather and a fantastic sand volleyball court. The grounds are overall well-maintained.







9. Walkable to Midtown and Uptown- Driving through the neighborhood from 23rd to 13th on Dewey or other North-South streets, you’ll catch numerous families or groups walking to get dinner or visit neighbors. A walk away from fantastic restaurants like Cafe Antigua, grocery shopping at Homeland, home furnishings at Interior Gilt or the Commonplace Bookstore in Midtown. Sidewalks are well cared for and easy to walk, run, or bike.






Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 9.01.13 AM

10. Mesta Festa- This annual party has been taking place for the last 22 years. Beer garden, food trucks, live music, and a preceding 5k are just some of the fun. Verbode is excited to be a sponsor this year! Stop by our booth and say hello! We can acquaint you with Mesta Park history, introduce you to neighbors and provide friendly real estate information.




We love you Mesta Park! Want to see some homes for Sale in Mesta Park? Click here: Homes In Mesta Park


Review: Hatch, Early Mood Food

If the idea was to wow our eyes and blow our minds with the interior, they succeeded. Hatch paid very special attention to your first impressions in every way. There is height and depth that makes you feel like there is plenty of room for any size group. The interior mixes exposed brick and concrete of the old building with warm colors in a geometric delight. When you enter you are immediately greeted with smiles and asked where you would like to be seated. This might change considering this was their official first day, but it made an impression. I chose the bar so I could see straight into the kitchen in order to watch the magic happen.


After I was seated, Jenna who was my server at the Bar, handed me silverware, a menu and a glass for my water. She informed me that I can ask help from anyone in the restaurant if needed, which is a nice touch. I ordered an americano coffee served in a large white cup. Next was deciding what I wanted to start with. I didn’t have much time, so I asked Jenna what she thought would be a great introduction to Hatch cuisine. She suggested the Incredible Eggwich that comes with a side of hash brown tumblers. If your meal does not come with these tumblers, I suggest buying them as a side. They are amazing and addictive.

Before I start telling you all about my meal and it’s amazing taste, let me tell you about the other people who set next to me. Two professional foodies entered through the front door. Hungry and ready for a taste experience, they both agreed to eat something new to their palettes. They started with the Chicken Fried Eggs. Three soft boiled eggs, battered and flash fried. Served with cholula ranch and smoked cheddar hollandaise. Looking like they just won the food lottery, they carved open the eggs to find the perfectly cooked yolks that started to slowly spill from their whites. It was obvious they had found their new favorite dish and exclaimed they would order it again when they return.


After savoring every last bite, they were excited to move on to their next course. Let me remind everyone of how professional these foodies were. Their next plate was the Steak and Eggs Benedict. This isn’t for the small of stomach. You need lots of room in there in order to finish this plate. Now back to my meal.

After wiping my mouth from all the drool, I was greeted with a plate of food. At first it didn’t look so fantastic. A normal plate of food you could find at any diner. This was the only part of my experience that was underwhelming. That being said, I took one bite and new it was the right meal to start with. The eggs were fluffy with plenty of taste coming from the chipotle hollandaise and chives and pepper jelly. The bread was soft with a hint of heat that sparked a party amongst my taste buds. I was no longer in a hurry. I wanted to take time to enjoy every bite of those tumblers and the sandwich.


It isn’t always clear at newer restaurants whether they want to wow you with sights and tastes or if they want to fill your appetite. At Hatch, it is clear they want to do both. If you order the right meals, you will see a work of art and taste it too. Before you go to Hatch, eat light the night before. I promise you won’t regret it.

Hatch – Early Mood Food. Scratch, full-service restaurant & bar serving Breakfast & Lunch, 7 days a week in Midtown Renaissance’s Buick Building! A Provision Concept property.

Hatch Hatch

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Review: Okay Yeah in the Plant Shoppe

I feel it is my duty to warn you ahead of time, this will be a love letter to this establishment. The Plant Shoppe is already one of our favorite local businesses. So adding a coffee shop to an area that lacked one, well lets just say it was a smart choice, but not necessarily an easy task. There are so many coffee shops that have done an amazing job at creating spaces that people love to be in. There are even coffee shops that have become an office to people who choose not to rent office space.

Okay Yeah

Let me start by saying that Okay Yeah does not look like those coffee shops. It also has a range of amazing smells that will set your brain in a spin. A great spin, but a spin. There are hints of coffee, baking crusts and the freshness of the plants that surround you while you order. It needs to be understood that this is a duel business. You can grab a coffee and a freshly baked hand tart. Then you can purchase a new plant for your home or office. This is very rare in the city and especially in the district.

I don’t want to write about the coffee. The coffee is really good, that is all you need to know about it. I want to praise them on their branding and presentation. They worked with local artists to create a space anyone would love spending hours in. From the wooden tables, to the painted signage throughout. The coffee cups and the place mats they put in their silver food trays are all branded. Branded with simple fonts and simple colors. This is key for a generation that has so much technology shoved in their faces all day long. It is a calming way to get their brand in your mind. Without bombarding you with propaganda.

Okay Yeah

With that out of the way lets dive into the food. If you like pop tarts you will love the look of the food, but let me warn you, you may not love pop tarts after indulging yourself with their hand tarts. They are so good they make pop tarts taste like cardboard. They are also very interesting. I just finished eating their jalapeño cactus standard hand tart and it was everything I didn’t think it was going to be. I have never eaten cactus, but I do own one and didn’t think it could be appetizing. This hand tart however, is surprisingly appetizing. It has hints of three cheeses and gives the savory palate many flavors to enjoy, with a little kick of heat.

If your palate is more on the sweet side, then you should start with the sweet potato standard hand tart. Yes, it is like having pumpkin pie on the day after Thanksgiving in the morning for breakfast. What, you don’t eat pumpkin pie for breakfast? Maybe it is only me. Anyways, they top this sweet potato standard hand tart with melted marshmallows. It is not overly flavored with sugar. It is just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy that single tooth everyone seems to talk about. The hand tarts are the major reason people will find themselves coming back for seconds. Like The Plant Shoppe, it is a unique idea that can be changed in many different ways for many types of consumers.

Okay Yeah

You can’t praise the hand tarts without praising the one who makes them! Elizabeth Davis-Macias, pastry chef at Okay Yeah and owner of Güdbytes, has worked hard with the rest of the staff to find the perfect flavors for the standard hand tarts. Next up will be Signature hand tarts that consist of an opened face crust with delicious ingredients on top. They will also do a few specials per week. That means you will likely be able to try a new tart every week! The buzzer just went off and that means I am out of tart comments I am aloud to use. Don’t get caught “Tarting” around and get your butt over to Okay Yeah!

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Review: Gorō Ramen + Izakaya


Getting a seat at Gorō Ramen has not been an easy task since their opening a few weeks ago. They do not allow reservations or more than six to a party. This seems to be the new normal for any new business in the Plaza District. Not a bad problem to have, unless of course your staff is brand new to the cuisine you create. Learning the menu items in English is easy at most places, but the Gorō menu items are harder to pronounce. This was clearly a conversation had by the staff and Chef Jeff Chanchaleune. They smartly added a glossary of words right on the menu. Which makes ordering easier.

While we waited to be seated, we found a few spots at the bar. If you had any questions about how ramen is made or how hard the preparation is, sit at the bar for thirty minutes. The kitchen is an impressive machine of pots, pans, burners and chefs. It takes a village to create great ramen! The Bartender, which I forgot to get his name so I apologize, was very attentive and knowledgeable of all their special cocktails. He recommended the Pei Mei to start. It included Sake, Gin, Urban Tea House matcha, honey syrup, and lavender bitters. The green color of this cocktail made me feel like I was drinking Nickelodeon Slime. Very delicious slime at that.

GoroBy this time our entire group had assembled and a table was open. All of the sudden, excitement came over all of us. We were introduced to our server and someone who was training to become a server. Again, a great way of getting the staff ready for the many questions that might come up with a new cuisine unfamiliar to the locals. A few at our table were already versed in the Ramen culture and were able to navigate the menu. Others needed the help of the server to get a crash course in all things Ramen. Of course if you are new to this style of cuisine, it is best you start with the house specialty. That happens to be the Tori Paitan. Meaning, chicken white broth. Inside you will find pork belly, menma (bamboo), fried garlic, bean sprouts, ajitama (marinated egg) and negi (green onions).


Before our bowls of artistic ramen came to the table, and they do look like art, a few of us partook in appetizers. We tried the brussels sprouts salad and the tebasaki (fried chicken wings). Both were amazing and are definitely recommended. However, if you aren’t use to ramen, save room for it. The bowl seems small, but there is a fair amount of food in there and it might fill you up quicker than you can imagine. If you are use to ramen, make sure to keep an open mind about the taste. Each Chef puts their own spin on their recipe. Not all ramen is the same and we should all be happy about that.

Photo Jul 20, 7 07 24 PMMy first slurp, yes there is an etiquette to eating ramen. They actually recommend you watch a video on the correct way of partaking. My first slurp was a surprise. It had been a long time since my last slurp, so my taste buds had to adjust. Also, if you are a Pho addict, do not think of Pho when you are eating ramen. You will do it a disservice. The broth was rich with flavor and the noodles had a slight bounce to them. It gave me a second to think about what I had just encountered. Slowly the broth takes you over. You immediately find yourself slurping at will. Yes, do pick up the bowl and sip up some of the broth like you would if you were drinking the leftover milk in your cereal bowl. That was definitely my favorite part. It takes hours to prepare this broth. It also takes patience. The broth can make or break your ramen experience. Thankfully Chef Jeff, most call him that, and his kitchen staff have made sure that the break never happens. In all, my advice to all ramen lovers, go to Goro and try everything on the menu before you make a decision. Some will like it, some will love it and some will not be able to get enough of it. You will likely see regulars there more than twice a week. Ramen is more of a lifestyle than a dish. If you don’t get it, you never will.

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Reviews: Savings & Loan Co.

To all of those people who still believe first impressions are important, I suggest you may be incorrect. Starting the Savings & Loan Co. review with a statement like that should lead you to believe it will start slow and end with a bang. So sit tight, grab a cocktail and join me for a step back into a time when the cocktail became an art form.

Before we start, how about a cocktail? We were lucky enough to enjoy a few special cocktails by Dave Jewett. A guest Bartender from Wichita, Kansas. Mr. Jewett happens to make his owner bitters and tonics, Muddy Joe’s. Which made his cocktails stand out for their flavors.

“Once, during Prohibition, I was forced to live for days on nothing but food and water.” – W.C. Fields

Cere’s Gin & Tonic:
Ford’s Gin, Muddy Joe’s Herbal Tonic, Muddy Joe’s Bee Pollen Bitters, Cucumber


So back to the part about first impressions. Considering Savings & Loan Co.’s location, directly connected to the Tower Theatre, it shouldn’t be to hard to find. However, there is no significant sign stating that the entrance is Savings & Loan Co. If you can’t find your way in, it is the door directly East of the Tower Theatre entrance. After you find your way through the door it seems dull and dark. We arrived around 5 p.m. and there was already a good crowd in the first floor bar. The Second floor bar doesn’t open until 6 p.m.

We found seats, menus and a bartender. The bartender seemed confused by us. As if this was already a bar where everyone knows your name, and we were tourists invading their turf. We looked over the main cocktail menu and realized we were missing out on the guest bartenders cocktails. As if awakened from a deep trance the bartender realized we weren’t just your average cocktail rookie and quickly got us the guest menu. Dave Jewett had a list of 6 signature cocktails of his own making all for only $8 per cocktail.

Both were served with a tall glass and garnished conservatively. This is the secret to his cocktails, the look is deceiving. As soon as you take your first sip, a blast of flavor hits your palate. The best part of a Dave Jewett original is the taste you get from his signature tonics and bitters. It made a regular gin & tonic into a taste vacation!

1,000 Days War:
Here’s to never taking coffee and rum for granted. Rum, Elemental Cold Brew, Banana


After an hour in the deep dark first floor bar, we decided to go on an adventure up the staircase to the second floor. As we climbed higher and higher toward the light from above, the anticipation of what was to come had hit a breaking point. Your first reaction upon entering the second floor bar is like being on a lazy Susan. You find yourself looking all around at the furniture, the open space and the windows of light. The only other light comes from the bar itself. And like moths we were drawn to it.

New bartender, new view, a new sense of wander. So naturally we tried the first thing on the menu. Bartender Brandon Choate was more than happy we asked for the 1,000 Days War. It might actually be a cocktail design from the man himself. If that is the case, let this man create more cocktails. This drink is the perfect end to a long day. Have a bad taste in your mouth? Drink this and it will make all things new again. Served over one block of ice that barely fits in the glass, the rum and coffee is slowly poured. It would also be a perfect starter cocktail for those rookies out there.

Old Fashioned:
Rye Whiskey, Bitters, Sugar, Orange Peel & Cherry

Savings & Loan Co. does an amazing job at keeping their menu updated and new. Yes, they can make most cocktails you ask for, but I would keep with the old classics and the special menu for each night. The bartenders love informing you about the cocktails they prepare. They also love treating you like a regular.

One last thing, please don’t be that guy who orders a Jack and Coke. This bar is meant to show you the art of the cocktail. You really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. Everyone from a cocktail rookie to the biggest cocktail snob will enjoy this new concept in the Uptown 23rd District.

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10 Great Spots for a Bike Ride

Now that Spring is here, we are anxious to get outside and enjoy a good bike ride. OKC has plenty of bike-friendly spots all over the city. These spots include neighborhoods, parks, districts, rivers and lakes, all of which are safe and bike friendly.

10 Great Spots for a Bike Ride

10. Edgemere Park in Edgemere Heights neighborhood – With quiet streets surrounding this expansive park, it is a perfect place to bring the entire family of all skill levels. There is a stream, a small park, and plenty of shade trees.

Bike Ride

9. Bluff Creek Trail – This trail is for the off road fanatic who likes a little excitement in their lives! Oklahoma Earthbike Fellowship says, “This is a challenging, very tight and twisty singletrack with lots of turns, trees, drop-ins, and climbs.”

8. The Neighborhood Boulevards – In Crestwood, Linwood Place, and Miller neighborhoods, there is a great connection of boulevards that go in and out of each neighborhood. Miller, 12th, 19th and Drexel make for a few miles of perfect neighborhood cycling.

Bike Ride

7. The Oklahoma Bicycle Society Donut Ride – A tradition for many years now, the donut ride starts in Will Rogers Park at 36th & Portland and ends at Brown’s Bakery in Midtown. Might we suggest the peanut butter and chocolate cake donut?

6. Heritage Hills & Mesta Park neighborhoods – It isn’t hard to explain why this is a great place to ride. Long tree filled streets with historic homes all around. It gets harder and harder to leave these neighborhoods after spending a day riding through.


5. Spokies by Embark – If you see a Spokies station in the area, it is probably a great place for a bike ride. Deep Deuce, Automobile Alley, and Midtown are just a few of the districts that have a Spokies station. Just look for the light blue bikes.

Bike Ride

4. Bricktown Canal Trail – This trail is for all those who enjoyed the canal tour so much, they wanted to try it on two wheels. See why so many people spend their weekends in Bricktown.


3. Lake Overholser Trails – This trail has some of the most picturesque sunset scenes. Along with the Overholser Dam, there is a natural walking bridge between the lake and the North Canadian river. This area is for the off road cyclists.


2. Bert Cooper Trails at Lake Hefner – This popular trail is home to many competitions and many regular everyday cyclists. It is definitely a trail you could spend an entire day at and never run out of things to do.

Bike Ride

1. Oklahoma River Trails – Containing 13 miles of multiuse, asphalt trails, which are located on the north and south banks of the river. The trails are level with little change in grade. It also has the best view of the downtown skyline. There are many places to stop and relax or let the kids play.

Bike Ride


10 Patios to Wine & Dine at in the Urban Core of OKC

Patios might be the greatest invention on Earth, especially when you add food and drinks. In the Urban Core of OKC, there are many to choose from. So we had to tell you about 10 we are in love with and excited to take advantage of.

10 Patios to Wine & Dine at in the Urban Core of OKC

10. Cultivar on Automobile Alley – We will start with our newest patio in the downtown area. Cultivar just opened yesterday and is already getting a ton of praise for their service and delicious tacos. They have a patio that includes a walk up bar. This makes for easy access to your favorite margarita!


9. Fassler Hall in Midtown – If you are okay with meeting tons of people and sharing a large table while drinking a pint of German beer, this is your patio! A giant one at that. There is so much room on this patio you would think it would be impossible to fill up. You would be wrong. Try it on a work day during happy hour from 4 to 8 p.m. They have mini brats and hotdogs to go with your pint!


8. Museum Cafe in the Downtown Arts District – “The artful Museum Cafe is a full-service restaurant serving lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch and offering beer, specialty cocktails, and an award-winning wine list. An array of coffees, teas, espresso, cappuccino, and a full bar are also part of the Cafe’s repertoire.”


7. The Red Cup in the Asian District – This patio is for deep conversation and vegetarian meals. It also makes for a great place to get work done, thanks to their free Wi-Fi. There is also a garden and pond area to take in the wonders of nature.


6. The Barrel on Western Ave. – Considering St. Patrick’s day is a couple of days from now, the Barrel is a great place to get your Irish food fix. Bangers and mash, fish and chips, and shepherd’s pie, they have it all. The patio is perfect for those days when the weather isn’t the best, but you still crave the patio feeling.


5. Deep Deuce Grill in Deep Deuce – If you don’t know, well now you know. Residents of Deep Deuce don’t want you to know about this amazing patio. It is a classic neighborhood bar feeling and you can get a bucket of ice cold long necks or a large pitcher for a few bucks. It has an all-American food menu with burgers, sandwiches, salads, and plenty of classic starters. It is a great stop after a Thunder game, especially next to the fire pit.


4. The Powerhouse next to the Farmer’s Market – This patio has quickly become the talk of the town. With a constant rotation of local musicians keeping the regulars happy, this is one place you need to experience on several occasions. It seems this like place has sparked a resurgence at the Farmer’s Market.


3. Empire Slice House in the Plaza – And you thought it was all about their pizza. It is, but they have a couple of patios to choose from. One right out front with the pink elephant and one in back with picnic tables and great graffiti. This is the best place to patio on a budget. A slice and a can of beer are less than $10.



2. Picasso Cafe in the Paseo Arts District – From their humble beginnings replacing a staple and instantly becoming the new area favorite, Picasso Cafe has made the patio concept simple. It is located right in the middle of the sidewalk, forcing those walking by to see the delicious plates of food. The menu boasts many local favorites and is most brunch goers favorite Sunday morning stop.


1. Bleu Garten in Midtown – Yes, Bleu Garten is a giant patio of food, fun, and furry friends. This is by far the patio with the most to do and with the most variety of food. You can play games like cornhole and jenga while also watching the game. Which will probably make this the best destination for March Madness!



Top Ten Art Murals in the Urban Core of Oklahoma City

One of our favorite movements in Oklahoma City right now, are all the new public art murals popping up all over town. OKC has always loved art and the artists who live here, but it has now become a mural happy atmosphere.

You can’t bring up public art murals without the name Bob Palmer. His work is all over Oklahoma. With help from his students and friends he has created a history book on city walls. The most notable in the urban core is likely the train near Santa Fe Station. Through the years new famous Oklahoma passengers have been added. Thanks to him we now have many young artists with mural experience.

This list will not be all Bob Palmer, but it will showcase some of the newest murals in the urban core. These are the ten murals that stand out and are in no particular order.

10. The Womb on 9th St. – Maya Hayuk
In 2011 The Flaming Lips decided to purchase a building on 9th St. in Automobile Alley to create a new art gallery. In order to catch everyone’s eye, they commissioned Maya  Hayuk a Brooklyn based artist who has painted many buildings in walls around the world. The result was a bright colored party for the eyes.


9. 1219 Creative on Classen Blvd. – Yatika Fields
“Commissioned by J.B. Askins of Abraham’s Bail Bonds and Rick and Tracy Bewley of Art Fusion Studios and Robbie Kienzle, Arts and Cultural Affairs Liaison at the City of Oklahoma City and members of the Oklahoma City Arts Commission, facilitated the approval process for the short time period Fields was available to create the mural. The artwork is a long-term installation, with a potential 10 year lifespan, depending on the harsh Oklahoma weather. The mural is located in a public space, and is intended to be shared with neighbors and the general public.” 1219 Creative

8. Western Ave. MuralsAmanda Bradway, Lauren Miller, Erin Cooper, Bob Palmer, Jason Pawley, Julie “Jurri” Robertson, Lisa Quisenberry, Jerrod Smith, Phillip Danner and Aaron Cahill
Western Avenue came together and reached out to local artists to add large art murals on several business walls. They wanted to depict a celebration of life and asked locals to vote for their favorite mural.

Fortune Favors the Brave
photo by Quit Nguyen

7. 9th Street Braid – Kris Kanaly, Dylan Bradway and Yatika Fields.
With help from Downtown OKC and Mason Realty, a call to artists was sent out and the board chose three local artists who have helped the local art scene. “The braid symbolizes Oklahoma City’s diversity where cultures are mixed together creating a unique experience. In our braid, each artist explored total creative freedom, unhindered by any theme, thus celebrating imagination and the connectivity through collaboration.” – Dowtown OKC

6. DNA GalleriesDylan & Amanda Bradway
As Plaza District vets, Dylan and Amanda started and continue to cultivate the art scene in the district. On many walls in the Plaza you might see their work and not even know it. Below is the second mural on this wall the Husband & Wife team has created.

photo by Amanda Bradway

5. Bricktown Underpass “Cultivation” –  Jason Pawley
You could say that Jason Pawley has been cultivating art his entire life. What better way to make a cold bland underpass into a field of color and warmth. With a grant from Downtown OKC, Pawley has made most drivers detour to take a look that this grand mural.

4. Silo Art Project “This Land” – Rick Sinnett
What is by far the largest most ambitious mural we have seen in OKC, Rick Sinnett made it look easy while dangling from atop of Rocktown. With help from donations and fellow artists this giant mural is going to been seen by millions.

photo by 405 Magazine

3. Empire Slice House, “I Love You” – Dusty Gilpin
Now basically covered up by the love of pizza, no hard feelings Empire Slice, this mural was the only way Dusty Gilpin knew how to propose to his now Wife. Then the “Plaza Mom” Kristen Vails Gilpin was probably one of the hardest working people this city has seen. So what better way to profess his love than to paint it real big on a building she saw everyday. Even though the mural is hidden, it remains online as a viral photo circulating over and over in order for others to profess their love.

photo by Tyler Siems

2. Saints on the Plaza – Dylan Bradway, Tanner Frady and Dusty Gilpin
After an older mural started to fade away, it was time to give it a fresh look. If you look at it long enough you can see the message in graffiti form that pays homage to the humble beginnings of three great graffiti artists.

1. Plaza Alley Walls – Kris Kanaly, Erin Cooper, Elisha Gallegos, Tanner Frady, Ashley Smith, Dylan Bradway, Cassie Stover, Holey Kids and many many more!
Not everyone wants to go down an alleyway. They can be scary and not the safest places on earth, but this alley is changing all that. With help from so many local artists and business owners, these walls will constantly change and evolve. There are already so many wonderful works on display. You can start your alley museum stroll by Dig It.

Erin Cooper
photo by Erin Cooper

photo by Rob Bennett


Top 10 Districts in Oklahoma City's Urban Core

With a great economy and a growing population, Oklahoma City is seeing the birth of the District. Shopping, Dining, Adventure, Entertainment and Art there is a District for everyone. We compiled a list of our Top 10 Districts, along with a few suggestions. We hope this list will give you the urge to get out of the house and enjoy a District today!


Boathouse District – With a unique architecture the City has seen, this district is for the kid and athlete at heart. Everything from kayaking, rock climbing and flying down a zip line is available here. You will also find from time to time the world’s Olympic athletes. Next week is the Oklahoma Regatta Festival, you do not want to miss this fun time for the whole family! Next for this area, the White Water Riversport Rapids.


Western Avenue – A soon to finish road renovation will open up the sidewalks and make it easier for everyone to find their favorite bar or restaurant. You have your classics like VZD’s to your newbie The Barrel. You can also spice up your life a little with Savory Spice Shop or you could tone it down with a coffee at Lobby Bar. Shops include A Date with IrisWeldon Jack, and Guestroom Records. When they say there is something for everyone, they mean it.

Top 10 Districts

Top 10 Districts


Classen Curve – When thinking about this district, you should always ask, “Do I like shopping?” If the answer is yes, this is your district. With popular national chains like Whole FoodsAnthropologie and West Elm you can bet you will keep with the current trends. It is also quite easy to Keep It Local in Classen Curve. Onion Burgers at Tucker’s. Running shoes at Red Coyote. Kid’s fashion at Uptown Kids. It is basically a shopper’s paradise!


Asian District – This has been a district for many years before we even started calling places a district. It has also been the best place for all things Asian Cuisine. Pho Lien Hoa, Lido and Super Cao Nguyen for those who like to make their own. Everyone has a favorite spot in this District. It is also a great place for sandwich lover’s with Neptune’s SubsLee’s Sandwiches and for the Vegetarians, you can grab a Sloppy Jane with your coffee at The Red Cup.

Top 10 Districts

Top 10 Districts


Deep Deuce District – Once a prominent African American community, this small but significant district was a powerful jazz community and Ralph Waldo Ellison even wrote about it in his book Trading Twelves. Now it is having a rebirth of dining, shopping, and living. You have The Wedge Pizzeria, home to some of the best pizza in the state. There is WSKY Lounge, where you can have a great cigar and just about any whiskey you can think of. You might even run into NBA All-star Kevin Durant. New kids on the block Anchor Down for your corn dog fix and Slaughter’s Hall. If you eat to much, you can always step into Slim Menswear to get measured for a new pair of pants.


Uptown District – the 23rd street was and always will be a street filled with potential. With the Tower Theater being renovated and the Gold Dome soon to find new life, Uptown is quickly becoming the district to start a new local business. You can’t start this conversation without bringing up Cheever’s Cafe. It has been a staple for many years. Now there are many new places that will likely be around for years. GuyutesPizzeria GustoThe DrakeThe Pump Bar, Mutts, Big Truck TacosCuppies & JoeBackdoor BBQBasil and Pizza 23 just to name a few. It seems there is so much now, yet there is so much more to come from this district.

Top 10 Districts

Top 10 Districts


Automobile Alley – Cool shops like Plenty Mercantile and Sara Kate Studios mixed with a great cup of joe at Coffee Slingers, Auto Alley is experiencing a resurgence. Experience fine dining at the Broadway 10 Chop House or Red Prime Steakhouse. Be sure to check it out on the 3rd Thursday every month for Shop Hop. Verbode included!


Midtown District – If you work downtown you are more than likely going to stop in Midtown before heading home. Happy Hour is no joke in Midtown. Newly opened Fassler Hall serves up mini bratwurst with your giant German beer. After that, you can go downstairs and bowl until your hearts content at Dust Bowl. You don’t always have to go after work, if you are an early riser there
is a donut at Brown’s Bakery or a European pastry at Prairie Thunder Baking Company. Don’t forget about the new shops in Midtown like Black ScintillaTrade Men’s Wares and Chirps & Cheers. You are bound to find something to spend your hard earned money on.

Top 10 Districts

Top 10 Districts


Paseo Arts District – It could be argued that the Paseo Arts District was the birthplace of Oklahoma City’s art culture. Lined with 22 art galleries you can find just about any media. The Project Box opened last year as space for artists in all disciplines to share and further their skills through interactive workshops and performances. The Elm’s gallery was one of the first galleries in the area opened in 1920, now JRB Art at the Elm’s it has become one of the most important galleries for any local artist to show their work. The Paseo is also home to very artistically delicious food from Picasso CafePaseo Grill, and Sauced. Best time to see everything and your favorite artists, First Friday art walk.


Plaza District – A couple of years ago there were only a few businesses on a run down the street that was once a hub for business. When Lyric Theatre chose to renovate a building on this street it seemed to cause chain reactions. Businesses started popping up slowly, like No Regrets Tattoo and DNA Galleries. Today as soon as a building comes available, there are many entrepreneurs jumping on the chance to open their ideas on The Plaza. With a mentality of working together and not creating competition, The Plaza District has grown quickly and each new business becomes the new success story. Like Kasum GalleryOut on a Limb and Maverick. If you are hungry, there is plenty to indulge your grumbling belly. The MuleEmpire Slice HouseChiltepe’sOak & OreSaint’s and District House. For dessert there is Roxy’s Ice CreamPie Junkie or you can sip wine at Urban Wineworks. So much to choose from with so little time in the day.

Top 10 Districts

Top 10 Districts

Up and Coming Districts

Film Row District – Film Row has been reborn from a love of its amazing past, and development and new construction abounds. The creative presence at the heart of Film Row’s Sheridan and Lee Avenues includes a plethora of artistic businesses, a movie house, law firms, locally-owned restaurants, and so much more. The future looks even better as more and more learn about Film Row and its amazing legacy, making it one of Oklahoma City’s brightest stars!

Farmer’s Market District– Quickly becoming the place to see your favorite local musicians, creatives and entrepreneurs, the Farmer’s Market is not only home to fresh local produce anymore. You now have bars, restaurants, food truck lots, and creative spaces being filled. Pick up your fresh local goods and stay for a spicy cocktail at the Power House.

Top 10 Districts

Top 10 Districts


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