Top Ten Staging Tips to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

10 Staging Tips to Get Your Home Ready to Sell


So you are selling your home? How on earth do you get it ready to sell? We find it best to stage your home before you sell it. Not only does it get you move-out ready, it will give a buyer a clean slate in which to envision their new home. Staging allows the buyer to see what could be and not what was. *95% of buyer’s agents have said that home staging affects a buyer’s view of a home. When selling your home, you want it to look its best. Staging allows for the best.

10. Clean House

Act as if your Mother-in-Law is coming to town and you need to impress. First, get rid of the clutter. No one wants to see your dirty dishes or laundry, so pick it up. Second, sanitize the areas where human activity is high. You may not realize how much grime has built up. Third, make sure drapes and sheets are not wrinkled. They need to look fresh and ready to use.

9. Remove personal items

The idea is to let people believe they can live in your home. They will be distracted if they see family photos, toys, or pet bowls around the house. Clean out the closets in order to show there is plenty of space. You are going to be packing anyways, why not get a head start with these items.

8. Mow the Lawn

A well kept yard is a sign of a well kept home. Work on the landscaping around the parts of the home that are most visible from the street. Curb appeal gets people in the door to see all the work you have done to stage inside. It doesn’t take a green thumb to keep up the yard.

7. Artwork as Accent

After you take down some of the personal photos and paintings, don’t leave your walls naked. Find artwork that will accent your furnishings and color schemes. You can also add mirrors in rooms that need a little help looking larger.

6. Create Focal Points

Each room needs a focal point in order for buyers to see the room best. You can achieve this by adding a vase with flowers or bowl of fruit in the kitchen. The small touches can go a long way to improving the look of a room.

5. Consult with a Photographer

After all the staging is done, you will want to have photos taken of the new space. Why not consult with the photographer before you start staging? This will save you a ton of time. A photographer can tell you the best angles in each room. They can also tell you how to update your lighting.

4. Lighting is Important

This is how you take advantage of your photographer consult. Some rooms in the house will have plenty of light and some will have no light at all. With windows, bringing in natural light may be the trick.

3. Paint in Neutral Colors

Everyone has their favorite color, you shouldn’t try selling your house with all your personal favorites. Find soft, neutral colors that can match any style of staging. White is always best in order to give the buyer a clean slate. It is also very popular right now, especially in the kitchen.

2. Stage before you list the property

First impressions can mean everything to the sell of a house. If you list it without proper staging and photos, you may lose a buyer. *81% of buyers said they can visualize a home as theirs if it is staged.

1. Hire a professional!

You want to work with someone who is certified and accredited in Real Estate Home Staging. Not everyone has the expertise needed to best represent your home. Your best friend who has good taste doesn’t count.


*Sources for the list. Home Staging on a Budget, and Home Staging Resource

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Top Ten Home Trends Coming in 2017

2017 is already shaping up to be the year we start talking trends for the spaces we live in. Making them brighter and more spacious. Finding new ways to use them to best benefit our lives. Adding organization and storage to the rooms that can be consider the control center of the home. 2017 we’ll see vintage styles used in a modern way to give our homes a feeling of nostalgia in our technically advanced homes.

10. satin brass

With the move to more white and gray tones in the major areas of the home, there is a trend back to satin brass finishes. This adds a much needed pop of color that gives the room a luxury look. It is a versatile color that goes with just about any color you want. It is used most often in the kitchen or a master bath.


9. greenery – color of the year

Everyone is going green! With the Pantone of the year being “Greenery”, it will likely be the most popular bright color of the year. This color gives the sense of refreshment and revitalization. Something we all will need this year.


8. voice activated assistants

Remember when we started calling our cell phones, “smart phones”? 2017 is the year of the Smart House! Multiple companies have started selling voice activated assistants that can help with the lights, electronics and alarm systems.


7. faux everything

Faux materials are becoming increasingly more popular to fit the budgets of a new homeowner. Everything from leather to fur and even a painted faux finish.


6. hexagon tiles

2016 was the year of the subway tile. This year is all about the many different shapes you can use on your backsplashes, especially hexagon. Try shades of white and gray and ever marble.


5. marble is back

Speaking of marble, it is back and finding a place in just about every room. From kitchen counters to bathroom sinks. Marble is big in 2017.


4. utility room organization

With our ever growing busy schedules it has become very important to organize the control centers of the house. The Utility room has taken on more of a roll for a one stop shop. Washing, Drying, ironing, folding etc.


3. hanging lights

Table lamps are no more, hanging pendant lights in the bedroom or living area creates a whimsical style. This option works especially well in small rooms where there’s no space for nightstands.


2. different shades of white

Balancing a white palette with creamy off-whites and natural linen hues creates a breathtaking look that can be rich with character.


1. kitchen storage upgrades

With a move toward healthier lifestyles, families are starting to get back into the kitchen to cook their meals. This calls for a Chef’s kitchen with tons of hidden storage. Sections of walls and drawers on drawers, but all with a sleek style.


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Top Ten Home Tech Products

Modern homes are now being customized to make your life easier. There seems to be a new product everyday that connects you with your home 24/7. So we put together a list of our favorite Home Tech products for 2016! There is everything from a smart lock to a bathtub with hydrotherapy. Find your favorite new home tech here.

10. Bali Blinds

Motorized Bali blinds and shades are easy to install, simple to use, and give you complete, effortless control with the touch of a button. Now that’s brilliant.

9. Ember Light

Our device is a plug and play adapter that screws into your existing light socket, connects to your home WiFi network and enables you to control that light from anywhere in the world.

8. Wally Home

A revolutionary home sensing solution, Wally detects and alerts you of water leaks as well as important changes in humidity and temperature. Wally’s network of sensors, hub and the cloud are in constant communication with each other, ensuring that your home is monitored.

7. Pure Genius Lauzon Flooring

All our floors are manufactured without solvents, volatile organic compounds or formaldehyde and meet the strictest standards for toxic emissions. Our floors with Titanium finish go even further in striving for purity through our exclusive advanced technology, Pure Genius. Pure Genius is a light-activated, air-purifying agent made of titanium dioxide, which is integrated into Lauzon’s Titanium floor finish.

6. VibrAcoustic® Hydrotherapy Bathtub

Music moves us. It drives us. Like water, it is an undeniable force throughout our lives. So why settle for simply listening to music when you can hear it and feel it resonating throughout your body while you relax in the bath? Our VibrAcoustic hydrotherapy blends music with water for a bathing experience like no other.

5. NuBryte

Always on the go? With NuBryte Touchpoint home assistant, you can effortlessly organize your home, and your family. Stay on top of your busy life with automated lighting, home security, an integrated family calendar, weather updates and home intercom system, all in one streamlined device.

4. August Smart Lock

Your smartphone is now a smart key—and more. Lock and unlock your door, create virtual keys for guests, and keep track of who comes and goes, all from your iOS or Android smartphone.

3. Amazon Echo


Echo provides hands-free voice control for Amazon Music, Prime Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn. Plus, Echo is Bluetooth-enabled so you can stream other popular music services like iTunes from your phone or tablet. Echo has been fine-tuned to deliver crisp vocals with dynamic bass response. Its dual downward-firing speakers produce 360° omni-directional audio to fill any room with immersive sound.

2. Nest Thermostat

The 3rd gen Nest Learning Thermostat does. It learns what temperature you like and builds a schedule around yours. Since 2011, the Nest Thermostat has saved over 4 billion kWh of energy in millions of homes worldwide.* And independent studies showed that it saved people an average of 10-12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills. So in under two years, it can pay for itself.

1. SmartThings Hub

The SmartThings app offers a complete home monitoring and security solution that allows customers to get instant alerts if there’s unwanted entry, smoke, leaks, or other unexpected activity. By adding a compatible camera, customers can also get accompanying video clips that capture footage of these events.

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Top Ten 2016 Home Updates

Regardless whether you plan to sell your home or not, it is always best to add updates. Fixtures age and look dated. Paint fades and chips. Appliances give out and are not so efficient. Verbode is always suggesting to home sellers to add small updates that make a huge difference in a home. It helps sell the home and adds value at the same time. Also, remember this is a great way to get the family to work on a project together. Here is a list of 10 best ways to update your home in 2016!

10. Water Filter

If you don’t already own a refrigerator that has this option, adding a water filter to your house can save you money. This is especially for those who find themselves buying bottled water every week. You can find many options at any local or large retail home improvement stores. If you don’t want to install it yourself, many plumbing companies around town can give you an install estimate.


9. Programmable Thermostat

With technology today, you can now use an app to control your thermostat from your phone. You will be able to set schedules and in larger homes allow for different temperatures in certain rooms. All of this adds up and saves money in the long run.



8. Kitchen Backsplash

This upgrade is quickly becoming the new normal for new construction and flipped homes. Most homes will have the same paint color and/or wallpaper throughout the entire kitchen space. Now we are seeing many different styles being used in the kitchen. Everything from colorful tile to the wood paneling. Some choose to update the entire space, while others choose the main areas of preparation.


7. Bathroom Remodel

Colors are moving to a more neutral palette and fixtures are taking on different shapes. So you are seeing all white bathrooms or even equal parts black & white. Square fixtures are making a come back as well. For those not altogether abandoning a bathtub, we are seeing them switch to a free standing tub. Showers are expanding in space and most have added multiple shower heads some of which are high tech.


6. Energy Efficient Appliances

The Kitchen backsplash is not the only update popping up all over town, stainless steal energy efficient appliances are too. The saying, “They don’t make them how they use to,” doesn’t always have to be a negative one. In this case they are made to save money and the environment. They also allow you to pick and choose the color palette that works for you and not what works for the appliance.


5. Exterior Lighting

New LED light technology has advanced the amount of places you can add lighting. You can now splash home exterior accents with light and add illumination to your gardens. Solar lights can add much needed light to a long walkway.


4. Patio Additions

There is no limit to what you can add to a patio area. From a raised wood deck to a stone fire pit. With concrete remaining the most used material to create a patio space, most are adding shape and color instead of just having a concrete slab. We seem to be wanting to get closer to nature by adding a shaded patio area that acts more like an additional room that just so happens to be outside.


3. Replace Frontdoor

If they aren’t replacing the front door, they are giving it a new finish or painting it. With exterior paint trends moving to a neutral palette, most are giving their front doors a bright color to create a focal point. Windows are added as well to give an inviting look into the entryway of the house. Designers are looking to the past with a more vintage look giving our front doors more importance as a first impression.


2. Exterior Landscaping

Keeping with the recent trend of local sourcing of goods, landscapes are seeing flowers and edible plants that are native to the area. Water features have become a new normal with the soothing sound of running water. Added trees give a much needed shade and give height to your landscape.


1. Interior/Exterior Paint

The trend has moved to a Simply White with warm accent colors like reds, yellows, violets and blues. The blended whites with different shades of gray allow for a more colorful furniture and art.

Updates Updates

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10 Housing styles in the Urban Core of OKC

The Urban Core of Oklahoma City could be seen as a large-scale museum filled with a plethora of Architectural Styles. Builders from 1900 to the 1950’s gave us many different styles to choose from. Thanks to Historic Preservation we will be able to enjoy this abundance of style for decades to come.

10. Italian Renaissance – Italian Renaissance homes have strong classical elements seen in columns, molded cornices, arched entries, and many fine details. The houses are most often symmetrical with low-pitched, hipped tile roofs. The relatively broad boxed-in eaves are accented by brackets. Projecting side wings are often seen on symmetrical houses. Located in Heritage Hills.


9. Bungalow – The Bungalow style has its roots in the native architectural style of Bengal, India. During the late 19th century and the waning days of the British Empire, English officers had small houses built in the “Bangla” style. The houses were one story with tile or thatched roofs and wide, covered verandas. Located in Mesta Park.

723 NW 21st Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73103

8. Ranch – The typical Ranch style home is a single, often rambling, story with either a hipped or gabled roof. At first glance, it may appear bereft of style, but that first impression can be deceptive. Shape ranged from an unadorned box to various L- or U-shaped configurations. Where preceding styles were more cubic, the ranch was long and horizontal with an asymmetrical facade. Located in Belle Isle.

7. Prairie – The building form was long and low with broad, overhanging eaves, and broad covered porches. Moving away from the bungalow style per se, the Prairie style played on Midwest regional influences and incorporated stylized Japanese elements that were very popular at the time. While gabled roof lines were seen, low hipped roofs became a definitive characteristic of this style. Other distinctive elements include strong horizontally-oriented façades and open, flowing interior space instead of many small boxy rooms. Ribbons of windows, often with well-defined vertical detail. Many houses are essentially symmetrical, but with subordinate wings or porches. However, asymmetrical designs are also common. Located in Mesta Park.


6. Tudor – The Tudor style is notable for its steeply pitched, cross-gabled roof. Decorative half-timbering is common in the gable and second story. The windows are relatively tall and slender with multi-pane glazing separated by either wood or lead muntins. Chimneys are very large and commonly decorated with ornate chimney pots. Located in Edgemere.

248 NW 36th St

5. Art Deco – Art Deco was a style of ornamentation using low-relief stylized graphics and applied motifs ranging from florals to geometrics and preceded the Art Moderne style. Buildings were often distinguished by pronounced ascending vertical elements and stepped rooflines. the Between the setback styling of many skyscrapers and generously applied ornamentation, the resulting style was often referred to as “Wedding Cake” style. Located in Crown Heights.


4. Colonial – Colonials typically have a rectangular footprint and may be one, one-and-a-half, or two stories. They may have either a hipped or gabled roof with a medium pitch. The façade is generally symmetrical which gives it formality and balance. Double-hung, multi-paned windows are arranged symmetrically, frequently in pairs. The front door is centered and accentuated with a combination of pediment, pilasters, columns, fanlight, or sidelights. Located in Crown Heights.

533 NW 39th St-35

3. Mission – The Mission style is quite simple with covered archways and half-rounded windows, smooth stucco walls that mimic the adobe walls of the Spanish missions, and flat or shallow sloped tile roofs. Towers and roof parapets are often found, Extended roofs may form covered arcades with large square pillars or columns—a feature that allows building interiors to remain relatively cool in hot climates. Located in Lincoln Terrace.


2. Craftsman – The Craftsman style is defined by its low-pitched gabled roofs with broad eaves, large front porches, and exposed wooden structural elements. Houses were typically 1-1½ stories and of wood construction. Located in Military Park.


1. Neo-Classical – Popular in America from 1895 to 1950, stately Neoclassical house plans to recall the architectural traditions of ancient Greece, Rome, and the Renaissance period. Usually two or two-and-a-half stories, these dignified homes typically feature a symmetrical shape, a simple side-gabled roof, and a prominent portico or full-width porch supported by classical columns. Neoclassical home plans may be faced in brick, stucco, or siding, and usually, display elaborate pediments over doors and windows as well as dentil molding and balustrades along the roof lines. Located Heritage Hills Neighborhood.


We can’t leave out everyone’s favorite historical home, The Overholser Mansion. Completed in 1903 for one of Oklahoma City’s truly remarkable figures,  a French Chateau style house, was decorated with Brussels lace curtains, English carpets, French stained glass windows and ornate canvas painted walls.


10 Ways to Prepare your home for Winter Weather.

After the recent ice storm in Oklahoma, it is clear we all need to prepare our homes for the coming winter weather. It is obvious our weather does not allow us much warning and sometimes we do not know what to expect. So get a head start with our list.

For those with downed limbs, below is the procedure the City of Oklahoma City would like for you to follow:

Oklahoma City residents can begin putting tree branches and limbs that were downed by the ice storm within 10 feet of their curb. Residents are asked to cut limbs into segments no longer than 12-feet.

Please avoid placing debris over water meters and gas meters. Keep the debris pile away from mailboxes, vehicles, trees, power lines and telephone poles.

The first round of storm debris collection is expected to begin in parts of the City the week of December 7. Crews will only collect tree debris with this special free collection.

The special collection is not available to businesses.

“We want to give residents ample time to get their tree limbs to the curb, so a second round of storm debris collection will take place a few weeks later,” said Solid Waste Superintendent Jim Linn.

Big junk will still be collected according to the normal schedule. Residents scheduled for big junk collection are required to keep their tree debris separated from their big junk. The piles will be collected by separate crews. Normal bulk waste rules apply, which means no household hazardous waste or items that contain refrigerant.

Now on with the List!

10. Turn off and Cover the outdoor faucets. Drain and empty all hoses and watering devices including sprinkler systems.

9. Switch all inside fans to reverse or clockwise position. Heat rises and this will help disperse it through your home.

8. Put Rechargeable Flashlight and/or candles in an easy to find location.

7. Weatherstripping around windows and doors.

6. Make sure your heating system is tuned and ready to go.

5. Clean the Gutters and downspouts. Inspect Roof for missing or lose shingles.

4. Trim overgrown branches back from the house and electrical wires.

3. Have your chimney cleaned and inspected.

2. Clean and cover all outdoor furniture.

1. Get ice melt for walkways and driveways. Find the snow shovel.

10 Home Holiday Gift Ideas from Local Vendors in the Urban Core of Oklahoma City

Black Friday is just around the corner and I believe most of us hate the idea of shopping when everyone else is. Luckily for you, Verbode has a great idea. There are many local companies that make amazing things that will help a home feel like, well, a Home! We will give our favorite locals who can bring some life to your home. We will also tell you where the holiday shopping is this season. The places where the crowds aren’t as frantic and the items are made locally.

First off there are Three really awesome seasonal shops you can’t miss:

Downtown Winter Shoppes – Located in front of the Myriad Gardens park with some great local shops and creators. It is so close to the ice rink you could make a night of it. Bring the kiddos for the Carousel Rides for only $1 per person. There is also a ton of opportunity for holiday photos with the fam!

Holiday Pop-Up Shops – Located in Midtown next to Bleu Garten. “This year, we’ll have dozens of independent shops and an urban Christmas tree lot managed by Bishop John Carroll School. Shops rotate weekly through a set of geodesic domes & the tree lot is available until trees sell out. We’re open Thursday through Sunday from Black Friday until Christmas. Entry is free, shopping is encouraged!” – Allison Barta Bailey

Indie Trunk Show – December 5th in the State Fairgrounds’ Oklahoma Expo Hall – “Shoppers will find handmade goods, vintage style decor/accessories, repurposed furniture/home decor, small boutiques/businesses, and community organizations.”


Now it is time for the list. People and places that will help you find the perfect gift for your Home!

10. Habitat Humanity Renovation Station – 1800 N Broadway Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73103 – “Provides a more affordable choice for home improvement projects, all while keeping perfectly good items from the landfill.  This year, proceeds from sales at our two Renovation Station stores will help create and preserve home ownership in central Oklahoma.” Nearby Neighborhoods = Heritage Hills, Mesta Park, Jefferson Park, and Lincoln Terrace.

9. 30A Home –  1106 NW 50th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73118 – “We are hands-on in every aspect at every level. Each and every product is selected with intention and with thought. We consider not only an object’s alignment with our core value of being good to ourselves and to the earth …but its ability to bring the simple element of joy to an individual. After all, the truest enjoyment lies in cherishing an object for the physical as well as the spiritual pleasure it brings.” Nearby Neighborhoods = BrookhavenCrown Heights, Douglas, and Edgemere Park.

8. JL Woodworx & Design – “A locally owned maker/design company established in Oklahoma City in 2007 by husband and wife team, Jay and Christina Long.  As Okie natives, we value and are inspired by all things Oklahoma. They carry a variety of wooden, textile, and paper home goods that includes throw pillows, giclee prints and Oklahoma inspired shelf, wall, and kitchen accessories. We create home goods out of beautifully worn salvaged lumber to infuse our design aesthetic into todays modern space.”

7. Retro OKC – 1708 NW 16th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73106 – “Mike and Tracy are two of those people who are enamored with the 1950’s and 1960’s. Attracted to the cars, fashion, architecture, advertising and of course furniture from the middle of the last century.” This shop is for those homeowners with a little nostalgia. Nearby Neighborhoods = Classen Ten Penn, Gatewood, Mesta Park, and Miller.

6. James Rogers Glasswork – “Working with stained glass since the early 1990’s and feel the constant need to be creative. I like working with my hands making just about anything: sewing, woodworking and old cars. To many really so I get easily distracted. My passion is with glass so I am working on building my shop space to include a kiln for fusing and painting.”


5. The Plant Shoppe – 705 W Sheridan Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 – This shop is for those plant lovers who do not have a green thumb. Plants that look great, but don’t need a ton of your attention. The Plant Shoppe even has workshops to help you build a great accent piece for your home. Nearby Neighborhoods = SOSA, Miller, Linwood Place, and Classen Ten Penn.

4. Sara Kate Studios – No. 102, 1100 N Broadway Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73103 – “Simply put, Sara Kate Studios sees life in the little things. We treasure the special items that complete a space: an heirloom-quality keepsake, a funky foreign textile, a retro modern accent lamp, or go-to cozy rugs and blankets. It’s the combination that makes it personal, and we fancy ourselves masters of the mix.” Nearby Neighborhoods = SOSA, Lincoln Terrace, Jefferson Park, and Heritage Hills.

3. Urban Farmhouse Design400 S Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73109 – “Industrial and reclaimed materials to the next level. We re-purpose metal and wood into one-of-a-kind furniture pieces.” Nearby Neighborhoods = SOSA, Mesta Park, Heritage Hills, and Classen Ten Penn.

2. Perch’d – 14 NW 9th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 “Unique modern accessories, home goods and gift items in a refreshing way. While pushing the boundaries in new and surprising ways, Perch’d carries products that never cease to amaze the inspired eye. Perch’d has an appreciation for objects and form that are thought provoking and crafted by designers, artisans, architects and creative minds.” Just look for the small blue storage container on 9th St. Nearby Neighborhoods = Heritage Hills, Mesta Park, Jefferson Park, and The Paseo.

1. Plenty Mercantile – “Life and style products that convey a strong sense of origin, process, and authenticity. To provide goods in some way to improve the quality, experience, and need of life. To serve wholeheartedly; offering an experience that is memorable and desirable. To educate and share. To inspire creativity in thought and action. To feed the soul and stimulate the mind.” Nearby Neighborhoods = SOSA, Mesta Park, Heritage Hills, and Classen Ten Penn.