Top Ten Places in OKC to See Christmas Lights

Just Outside of the Metro


10. Midwest City Holiday Lights Spectacular

Address: 8700 E. Reno Ave., Midwest City, OK 73130.
Times: Sunday to Thursday 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., Friday & Saturday 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. until December 30th.
Christmas Lights

9. Yukon Christmas in the Park

Address: 500 W. Vandament, Yukon, OK 73099.
Times: Nightly 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. until December 31st.
Christmas Lights

8. Chickasha Festival of Lights

Address: 2400 S 9th St., Chickasha, OK 73018.
Times: Sunday to Thursday 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., Friday & Saturday 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. until December 31st.
Christmas Lights

Downtown OKC


7. Myriad Gardens Park Lights

Address: 301 W Reno Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73102.
Times: Outdoor Park Area Open Daily until 11 p.m.


6. Bricktown Canal Lights

Address: Bricktown, Oklahoma City, OK 73102.
Times: Open All day until January 1st

Christmas Lights

5. AutoMobile Alley Light Display

Address: NW 4th to 10th St. on Broadway Ave.
Times: Daily from dusk to dawn until January 1st.

Christmas Lights

OKC Neighborhoods


4. 30th & Walker Four Great Neighborhoods

This intersection gives you four Neighborhoods to tour. Central Park, Edgemere, Jefferson Park and Paseo.
Address: Between 23rd and 36th, Western and I-235.
Times: Go during early evening hours.

3. Heritage Hills Historic Neighborhood

This Neighborhood boasts large Historic Homes that will take you back in time.
Address: Between 23rd and 13th, Walker and Broadway.
Times: Go during early evening hours.

2. Mesta Park Neighborhood

Address: Between 23rd and 13th, Walker and Western
Times: Go during early evening hours.

1. Nichols Hills Neighborhood

Address: Between Western and May, Wilshire and 63rd Street.
Times: Go during early evening hours.

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Top Ten Gift Ideas for Historic Home Owners

Christmas is always a great time of year. Especially for those who like to entertain in their Historic Home. These gorgeously built homes have a lot of character, but they age just like anything else. Some need a little updating from time to time and some just need a special touch of decoration. We wanted to give you a list of things you might gift to those special friends that own a special Historic Home.

10. Indoor Succulents

Now more than ever people are stocking up on Succulent plants. Not only do they look great with little care they also help keep you healthy. The Modern family usually has a full daily schedule it is hard to keep up with plants. Succulents just need sunlight and small amount of water. They give clean air, release oxygen and some can be used to heal. Not bad for something that requires little work to keep alive.

Recommended Store: The Plant Shoppe



9. Wood Floor Cleaning

Most Historic Homes are filled with wood floors that have seen their fair share of foot traffic. If you have a large family including your pets, it is hard to keep these floors clean. There is relief in a special vacuum and cleaners.

Recommended Products: Bona Wood Floor Cleaner & Dyson


8. LED Lighting

In some Historic Homes, the lighting is warm and dim. Making it hard to see features indoors and out. Now technology has made light brighter and stronger. LED lighting also lasts many years longer. Most of your current light bulb sockets fit the new LED bulbs. The price may be higher up front, but the savings over time is a lot.


7. Native Plant Landscaping

There are plenty of local plants that would make for a glorious

6. Essential Oils Home Diffuser

Breath free and add a little flavor to the air. Essential oils have proved to make you feel and smell better. A home diffuser works to disperse small oil particles into the air. Eliminating odors and creating a relaxing atmosphere. We use one in the office and love how it smells.


5. Vintage Mirrors for Decoration

Vintage mirrors are harder and harder to come by. The best part of these reflections are the designs and imperfections on them. What was once an art form has now become a simple commodity. A vintage mirror instantly gives the room character and history.



4. Decorative Rugs

Most Historic Homes are lacking carpet. They are filled with beautiful hardwood floors, but that isn’t always the best floor for a room. In order to keep the original feel and still had some texture to your favorite room, a large decorative rug is useful and a pop of color.


3. Local Modern Art

With the Paseo Arts and Plaza districts thriving with local artists, it is a given you will find a work of art that best fits in any home. Our artist in residence Christie Owen is one of those great modern artists of OKC. Her Abstracts can work in any home. Adding pops of color and design.


2. Books

The best Historic Homes had many built-in shelves. In most front rooms or studies, they had space for a library. And what is a library without books. Architecture, philosophy, religion and history, whatever type you like to read it is wonderful to fill your house with something to read. It also adds a lot of color to a room.


1. Framed Sketch of the Home

During the Mesta Park Holiday Home Tour we noticed that each house had been sketched and framed for the owners. This is a gift that you can take with you even if you leave the house. It can last forever and become a part of the history of the home. We encourage you to use a local artist, someone like Dean Wilhite, our Artist in Residence for 2017.


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Top Ten Home Tech Products

Modern homes are now being customized to make your life easier. There seems to be a new product everyday that connects you with your home 24/7. So we put together a list of our favorite Home Tech products for 2016! There is everything from a smart lock to a bathtub with hydrotherapy. Find your favorite new home tech here.

10. Bali Blinds

Motorized Bali blinds and shades are easy to install, simple to use, and give you complete, effortless control with the touch of a button. Now that’s brilliant.

9. Ember Light

Our device is a plug and play adapter that screws into your existing light socket, connects to your home WiFi network and enables you to control that light from anywhere in the world.

8. Wally Home

A revolutionary home sensing solution, Wally detects and alerts you of water leaks as well as important changes in humidity and temperature. Wally’s network of sensors, hub and the cloud are in constant communication with each other, ensuring that your home is monitored.

7. Pure Genius Lauzon Flooring

All our floors are manufactured without solvents, volatile organic compounds or formaldehyde and meet the strictest standards for toxic emissions. Our floors with Titanium finish go even further in striving for purity through our exclusive advanced technology, Pure Genius. Pure Genius is a light-activated, air-purifying agent made of titanium dioxide, which is integrated into Lauzon’s Titanium floor finish.

6. VibrAcoustic® Hydrotherapy Bathtub

Music moves us. It drives us. Like water, it is an undeniable force throughout our lives. So why settle for simply listening to music when you can hear it and feel it resonating throughout your body while you relax in the bath? Our VibrAcoustic hydrotherapy blends music with water for a bathing experience like no other.

5. NuBryte

Always on the go? With NuBryte Touchpoint home assistant, you can effortlessly organize your home, and your family. Stay on top of your busy life with automated lighting, home security, an integrated family calendar, weather updates and home intercom system, all in one streamlined device.

4. August Smart Lock

Your smartphone is now a smart key—and more. Lock and unlock your door, create virtual keys for guests, and keep track of who comes and goes, all from your iOS or Android smartphone.

3. Amazon Echo


Echo provides hands-free voice control for Amazon Music, Prime Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn. Plus, Echo is Bluetooth-enabled so you can stream other popular music services like iTunes from your phone or tablet. Echo has been fine-tuned to deliver crisp vocals with dynamic bass response. Its dual downward-firing speakers produce 360° omni-directional audio to fill any room with immersive sound.

2. Nest Thermostat

The 3rd gen Nest Learning Thermostat does. It learns what temperature you like and builds a schedule around yours. Since 2011, the Nest Thermostat has saved over 4 billion kWh of energy in millions of homes worldwide.* And independent studies showed that it saved people an average of 10-12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills. So in under two years, it can pay for itself.

1. SmartThings Hub

The SmartThings app offers a complete home monitoring and security solution that allows customers to get instant alerts if there’s unwanted entry, smoke, leaks, or other unexpected activity. By adding a compatible camera, customers can also get accompanying video clips that capture footage of these events.

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