Top Ten New Local Businesses in OKC

Coming Soon:

Bunker Club

The great people behind the Pump Bar in Uptown 23rd are already giving us another bar to fall in love with. The nostalgic 80’s born millennial will love this cold war themed bar. Set to open any time now, we will have to do more research and let you know all about it.

Ur/Bun Eats

If you love the food at Chae, you will probably enjoy a delicious Korean style bun from UrBun Eats. They will be located next door to the Bunker Club. Which will make a great combination!

Just Opened:

Esca Vitae

A new bakery concept for the Midtown OKC district, Esca Vitae will be located in the same spot Prairie Thunder use to have their bakery. Their soft open was Monday and it will likely become a favorite of the locals.

Rewind Retro Pub

Located in the Farmers Market District, Rewind is a pub with a food menu and plenty of old school arcade games. They are just opened last week and reviews have been pretty good so far. Take the whole family for a night of games and delicious food.



Top Ten:

10. The Laboratory

One word: Sneakers. The Laboratory is not the first speciality shoe store in the urban core of OKC, but it is the first to focus on athletic sneakers as a fashion statement. This small shop is located in the heart of OKC Midtown District and has a new neighbor in Insomniac Cookies. What could be better?


image by The Laboratory OKC

9. Bone Dog Boutique

Deep Deuce now has a great place to pamper that furry friend of yours. Located at street level inside the Aloft Hotel, it is walking distance for anyone that lives in the apartments near by. It is conveniently next to the Deep Deuce dog park. They offer washing bays, toys, many types of food and an assortment of treats safe for your best friend with four legs.


image by Bone Dog Boutique

8. Yuzo Sushi Tapas

The newest kid on the Automobile Alley block is impressing just about everyone who sits down to their food experience. The saying, “You get what you pay for!” is a great way to describe Yuzo. It may have a higher priced menu, but it makes up for that with the taste and presentation. If you are a sushi fanatic this is should be your new favorite dining location. Try the Elotes, all I have to say is, you’re welcome!


image by Yuzo

7. Wheeze the Juice

A child of the 90’s will more than likely get a good laugh out of this clever name. All kidding aside, Wheeze the Juice is not just another juice bar. They bring new flavors to life that you weren’t expecting. If you are not the juicing type, they also offer smoothies. We really love the Camp Anawana smoothie. It fills your stomach while also being filled with flavor. Located in the OKSEE storage containers in Deep Deuce.


image by Wheeze the Juice

6. The Yoga Box

Yes, there are many great places around OKC that can give you the best Yoga experience. However, there is only one that offers up meal plans as well. The Yoga Box not only heals your mind and muscles, it cures your stomach of bland processed foods. Located inside of the 50 Penn Place building it also gives you a great opportunity to rest after a long session at Full Circle Bookstore.

5. Pritchard Wine Bar

A year or so ago there was a void in the Plaza District. A wine bar had closed and there were many looking for their new place to relax with a glass a wine. Pritchard Wine Bar has come to the rescue. Lovely staff and warm interiors make this a wonderful place to bring your closest friends and indulge in a great wine list.


image by Pritchard Wine Bar

4. Silo in Farmers Market

A space with collaborators from JL Woodworkx, The Okay See and Brad Snider Photography. This is the retail location for those who love local craftsmanship and clever t-shirt designs. With the Silo opening in the Farmers Market District, you can now spend all day spending your local dollars in one location.


image by Silo

3. En Croute

En Croûte is a restaurant, bar and fromagerie opening in 2016 in Nichols Hills Plaza. It is meant to evoke the comfort and leisurely lifestyle the team has enjoyed in the fromageries, cafes, and bars in European country villages, but with an American twist. It is the place to try something new and they will take you on a taste adventure.


image by En Croute

2. Loaded Bowl

Started from the food truck craze and has now added a brick and mortar location in the Farmer’s Market District. Great tasting food you almost forget is vegan. Sure, the menu says chicken, bacon and cheese, however their menu is vegan. Fresh flavors are at an abundance here and you will soon find your favorite vegan entree.


menu by The Loaded Bowl

1. Common Place Books

Before they have even finished their actual location, Common Place Books opened up in the OKC Midtown District with a ton of fanfare. With all the new technology we have in the world there is still something very satisfying about reading a book with paper and a cover. This is an intimate place to bring the family, especially the kids considering their new program called Books and Kids and Art and Stuff.


image by Commonplace Books


Top Ten Last Minute Ideas for Valentine’s Day in OKC

10. Belle Kitchen – Valentine’s Macarons

Anyone can make a quick run to Walgreens and get the same old box of chocolates, but the true romantic will shop local for their treats. Belle Kitchen will have a small Valentine’s Day macaron sampler. It is said they have the best macaron’s in the city.


9. Eric Johnson at VZD’s – Live & Acoustic

If your Valentine loves live music, take them to see an intimate show at an historic venue. VZD’s welcomes Eric Johnson, a world renowned electric guitarist who is releasing a rare acoustic album. This will be a show that will make a great memory.

8. Valentine’s on Broadway – Broadway 10 Chophouse

A four-course meal designed by the Chef with wine pairings to complement all courses. The atmosphere is already romantic, just think of adding a meal that makes your taste buds fall in love. Make a reservation now!


7. Two for One at the Zoo

Valentine’s day lands on a Tuesday this year, so why not save some money at the Zoo. Two for the price of one admission on Tuesdays at the Zoo is fun for everyone. Especially if the kids will be joining you for Valentine’s day this year.

6. Dinner with Art for Dessert at OKCMOA

Celebrate Valentine’s Day this year at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art Cafe with a four-course meal and an elegant atmosphere. Reservations can be made day of and it comes with a Museum full of great modern art.


5. Build your own

Valentine’s Day does not have to be the same old holiday it has always been. Nothing is more romantic than spontaneous planning, it will keep your favorite person on their toes. Grab a bottle of wine at Broadway Wine Merchants on Automobile Alley, pick up a pizza from The Wedge Pizzeria on Western Ave. and a night cap at Ludivine in Midtown. Roll the dice and mix it up.

4. The Plant Shoppe & Okay Yeah Co.

Is your Valentine a morning person that likes to head to bed early? Try coffee and breakfast at Okay Yeah which is located in the Plant Shoppe in Film Row. Not only can you get a yummy treat, you can buy a beautiful living gift for your most loved!


3. Beer & Palette at Anthem Brewery

This is a perfect spot for those groups of friends with a majority of singles. Sometimes Valentine’s Day can be a bummer to our single neighbors. Why not spend time with a group and share the love with everyone.

2. Traditional Wine & Dine with a Twist

Sometimes it is hard to come up with a great idea, especially if you are not the romantic type. Try something new or go somewhere you have never been. A great place to start would be the new 21c Museum Hotel. They have a great restaurant in the lobby called Mary Eddy’s, a modern art gallery and luxury rooms with a great view. A perfect place to wow your Valentine.


1. An All District Valentine

First stop, Downtown to buy flowers from the Curbside Chronicle vendors. Bouquets will be available for sale in front of Leadership Square from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. This will be a long night, so grab a coffee at Coffee Slingers on Automobile Alley. Try a different place for each course. Start at Slaughter’s Hall in Deep Deuce and grab one of many tasty appetizers. Head to the Plaza for your first plate at The Pritchard who is new to the district. After that find a main course at Pizzeria Gusto in Uptown 23rd they have a great wine list. Take a short trip from there to the Paseo Arts District and indulge your taste buds at the Paseo Grill. Their dessert menu is one of the best in the City. Finish your night off in Film Row at Flashback Retro Pub where you can grab a night cap and some nostalgia for video game geek in all of us.



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Review: Hatch, Early Mood Food

If the idea was to wow our eyes and blow our minds with the interior, they succeeded. Hatch paid very special attention to your first impressions in every way. There is height and depth that makes you feel like there is plenty of room for any size group. The interior mixes exposed brick and concrete of the old building with warm colors in a geometric delight. When you enter you are immediately greeted with smiles and asked where you would like to be seated. This might change considering this was their official first day, but it made an impression. I chose the bar so I could see straight into the kitchen in order to watch the magic happen.


After I was seated, Jenna who was my server at the Bar, handed me silverware, a menu and a glass for my water. She informed me that I can ask help from anyone in the restaurant if needed, which is a nice touch. I ordered an americano coffee served in a large white cup. Next was deciding what I wanted to start with. I didn’t have much time, so I asked Jenna what she thought would be a great introduction to Hatch cuisine. She suggested the Incredible Eggwich that comes with a side of hash brown tumblers. If your meal does not come with these tumblers, I suggest buying them as a side. They are amazing and addictive.

Before I start telling you all about my meal and it’s amazing taste, let me tell you about the other people who set next to me. Two professional foodies entered through the front door. Hungry and ready for a taste experience, they both agreed to eat something new to their palettes. They started with the Chicken Fried Eggs. Three soft boiled eggs, battered and flash fried. Served with cholula ranch and smoked cheddar hollandaise. Looking like they just won the food lottery, they carved open the eggs to find the perfectly cooked yolks that started to slowly spill from their whites. It was obvious they had found their new favorite dish and exclaimed they would order it again when they return.


After savoring every last bite, they were excited to move on to their next course. Let me remind everyone of how professional these foodies were. Their next plate was the Steak and Eggs Benedict. This isn’t for the small of stomach. You need lots of room in there in order to finish this plate. Now back to my meal.

After wiping my mouth from all the drool, I was greeted with a plate of food. At first it didn’t look so fantastic. A normal plate of food you could find at any diner. This was the only part of my experience that was underwhelming. That being said, I took one bite and new it was the right meal to start with. The eggs were fluffy with plenty of taste coming from the chipotle hollandaise and chives and pepper jelly. The bread was soft with a hint of heat that sparked a party amongst my taste buds. I was no longer in a hurry. I wanted to take time to enjoy every bite of those tumblers and the sandwich.


It isn’t always clear at newer restaurants whether they want to wow you with sights and tastes or if they want to fill your appetite. At Hatch, it is clear they want to do both. If you order the right meals, you will see a work of art and taste it too. Before you go to Hatch, eat light the night before. I promise you won’t regret it.

Hatch – Early Mood Food. Scratch, full-service restaurant & bar serving Breakfast & Lunch, 7 days a week in Midtown Renaissance’s Buick Building! A Provision Concept property.

Hatch Hatch

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10 Patios to Wine & Dine at in the Urban Core of OKC

Patios might be the greatest invention on Earth, especially when you add food and drinks. In the Urban Core of OKC, there are many to choose from. So we had to tell you about 10 we are in love with and excited to take advantage of.

10 Patios to Wine & Dine at in the Urban Core of OKC

10. Cultivar on Automobile Alley – We will start with our newest patio in the downtown area. Cultivar just opened yesterday and is already getting a ton of praise for their service and delicious tacos. They have a patio that includes a walk up bar. This makes for easy access to your favorite margarita!


9. Fassler Hall in Midtown – If you are okay with meeting tons of people and sharing a large table while drinking a pint of German beer, this is your patio! A giant one at that. There is so much room on this patio you would think it would be impossible to fill up. You would be wrong. Try it on a work day during happy hour from 4 to 8 p.m. They have mini brats and hotdogs to go with your pint!


8. Museum Cafe in the Downtown Arts District – “The artful Museum Cafe is a full-service restaurant serving lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch and offering beer, specialty cocktails, and an award-winning wine list. An array of coffees, teas, espresso, cappuccino, and a full bar are also part of the Cafe’s repertoire.”


7. The Red Cup in the Asian District – This patio is for deep conversation and vegetarian meals. It also makes for a great place to get work done, thanks to their free Wi-Fi. There is also a garden and pond area to take in the wonders of nature.


6. The Barrel on Western Ave. – Considering St. Patrick’s day is a couple of days from now, the Barrel is a great place to get your Irish food fix. Bangers and mash, fish and chips, and shepherd’s pie, they have it all. The patio is perfect for those days when the weather isn’t the best, but you still crave the patio feeling.


5. Deep Deuce Grill in Deep Deuce – If you don’t know, well now you know. Residents of Deep Deuce don’t want you to know about this amazing patio. It is a classic neighborhood bar feeling and you can get a bucket of ice cold long necks or a large pitcher for a few bucks. It has an all-American food menu with burgers, sandwiches, salads, and plenty of classic starters. It is a great stop after a Thunder game, especially next to the fire pit.


4. The Powerhouse next to the Farmer’s Market – This patio has quickly become the talk of the town. With a constant rotation of local musicians keeping the regulars happy, this is one place you need to experience on several occasions. It seems this like place has sparked a resurgence at the Farmer’s Market.


3. Empire Slice House in the Plaza – And you thought it was all about their pizza. It is, but they have a couple of patios to choose from. One right out front with the pink elephant and one in back with picnic tables and great graffiti. This is the best place to patio on a budget. A slice and a can of beer are less than $10.



2. Picasso Cafe in the Paseo Arts District – From their humble beginnings replacing a staple and instantly becoming the new area favorite, Picasso Cafe has made the patio concept simple. It is located right in the middle of the sidewalk, forcing those walking by to see the delicious plates of food. The menu boasts many local favorites and is most brunch goers favorite Sunday morning stop.


1. Bleu Garten in Midtown – Yes, Bleu Garten is a giant patio of food, fun, and furry friends. This is by far the patio with the most to do and with the most variety of food. You can play games like cornhole and jenga while also watching the game. Which will probably make this the best destination for March Madness!



10 OKC District Developments Verbode is excited about.

Every morning Verbode searches the news and forums for the newest development in the urban core of OKC. Our clients are no longer just interested in the home they are going to buy or sell, they also request information about the surrounding community. In OKC we are experiencing a renaissance in multiple areas, especially in the growth of our districts. From the booming Plaza District to the newly busy Film Row, we listed ten developments we happen to be excited about.

10. 1804 NW 16th by Developer Jeff Struble – Struble has helped make the Plaza District a great place for local business. Adding this structure will only open up more opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

Plaza District

9. 603 NW 23rd by Owner Bruce Fraley – “We’re assembling a list of restaurant and entertainment uses.” – Chad Elmore, leasing agent. This building has so much potential for retail and dining. We love seeing the growth on Uptown 23rd.

Uptown District

8. 629 W. Main, Main St. Arcade by Developer David Wanzer – Wanzer has been making moves all around town and he seems to hit a homerun every time. It is amazing when a building survives the changes of its city and it finally sees an awakening. Film Row will have a whole new section for locals to enjoy!

Film Row District

7. 500 E. Sheridan, Criterion Concert Hall – Downtown OKC has always needed a concert hall that was between a club venue and Chesapeake Arena. After completed, Criterion has already booked entertainment that would otherwise pass OKC up for Tulsa. This makes Bricktown a go to for Concerts.

Bricktown District

6. 916 NW 6th by David Wanzer – Another great development by Wanzer, it looks to be the start of an explosion near the Midtown/SOSA District. Classen is slowly gaining interest by many developers. In a few years, it will no longer just be a road to downtown, it will be a destination.

Film Row District

5. Barrios Fine Mexican Dishes by Good Egg Dining – It is always sad to see a great business decide to call it quits. Swanson’s Tire was loved by many, but it seems it is going to be replaced by a new love. Good Egg is going to show us how they do Mexican Food and we can’t wait!

Midtown District

4. Goro Ramen + Izakaya – With names like Rachel Cope and Jeff Chanchaleune, you know this will be amazing. It will include a courtyard to connect with The Mule, this will be a place everyone will want to experience in the Plaza District.

Plaza District

3. Wheeler District by the Humphreys – Probably the most ambitious and largest developments OKC has seen in a long time. Everything you could ask for including a Ferris wheel. On the banks of the Oklahoma River, it will have some of the best views of the downtown skyline.

Downtown District

2. 21c Museum Hotel, Fred Jones Building – Everything about this development is what Verbode loves. Art, historic building and a place for our out of town friends to stay when they travel to our big league city. We all want an excuse to spend time at his upcoming Museum/Hotel.

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1. 425 NW 23rd, Tower Theater by David Wanzer, Ben Sellers and Jonathan Dodson – With the recent tour and relighting of the iconic sign, Tower Theater let everyone know it is back and will be better than ever. The property combines a ground-floor concert and film venue with an upstairs bar and office space concept. Uptown 23rd has once again become a business and entertainment district for everyone.

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