Top Ten Urban Core Retail Spots for Holiday Shopping

Yes, it was a super long Summer and we are finally starting to feel the weather move into Fall & Winter, but the great weather aloud for many new shops to open in the Urban Core of OKC! This means there is no excuse to shop local and shop early. Shopping can be a hobby and if it is your hobby, your in luck. Every district including Film Row, Uptown, Midtown and The Plaza District, added local retail this year.

You will likely still need to go to the Mall for some gifts, but local retail is starting to spread to many different markets. It is fact that you probably know someone that knows someone that opened a new retail store in the Urban Core. We decided to compile a list of those new places in order to make your Holiday shopping easy. Here are the Top Ten New Urban Core Retail Spots for Holiday Shopping!

10. Opolis Clothing in Midtown

As one of the few companies that started up around 10 years ago to create local styled clothing with an emphasis on T-shirt designs, Opolis Clothing has stood the test of time by being creative and positive. They ask all their customers to “Love life, live comfortable”!

This year they went an extra step and bought an Historic Fire Station in Midtown, fixed it up, and then recently opened it up as a retail location.

9. T, Urban Tea House in Uptown 23rd


Not all gifts have to be wearable. Sometimes you need to give a gift that activates the taste buds and warms from the inside out. At T, Urban Tea House in Uptown, you can buy just that. With over 100 different types of tea, T, Urban Tea House wants to share with you the many benefits of tea.

“Tea predates coffee by 3,000 years. And because of tea’s respectability, quality caffeine source, and myriad health benefits, there’s no denying its enduring popularity.” – T, Urban Tea House



8. 9th Street Barking Lot in Automobile Alley


This holiday do not forget about your favorite furry family member! The 9th Street Barking Lot in Automobile Alley is a one stop shop for the family dog. They have eats, treats, daycare, grooming and even toys.

With many different packages available, you can customize how much fun your dog will have. 9th Street considers your dog apart of the family and will take care of them as one of their own.



7. Rough Hand Collective in The Plaza


Are you a stickler for handmade craftsmanship? Do you like the smell of leather? There is a new place for you. Rough Hand Collective is a shop full of different goods by great craftsmen. Located behind Saints in the Plaza District, it might be hard to find parking, but you will spend more time inside looking at all the product.

They are looking to add more Vendors to their already impressive list. Check out Simpleton Goods and Hix Design!


6. The Laboratory in Midtown


For those sneaker fanatics this consignment boutique has been a want for a long time. The Laboratory recently opened to a long line of sneaker owners looking to change it up. From one of a kind styles to vintage style Jordans, you can find something for anyone here.



5. The Clad Stache in Automobile Alley


Sometimes it is hard to shop for Dad or any man in general. It isn’t that they are picky, they just don’t like to shop. Leave your worries behind, there is a place where you can shop and send your Male family members back to get the best fit possible.

Located above Broadway Wine Merchants and in the same area as Hans Herman tailoring, The Clad Stache has bow ties, neck ties, and men’s grooming products. You will also find Spruce Midwest for the young adventurous type.


4. Mode in Midtown


Now it is time to take care of the Women! Mode is a new women’s fashion boutique in Midtown. They offer a wide variety of styles and colors. Mode has finally been able to put out their Fall & Winter apparel just in time.

There are plenty of shoes, sweaters, and accessories to choose from. The best part, they can help you put together the perfect outfit! That was a hint to all you Dad’s out there.


3. Fit Circle in Midtown


A store for the active person in your life. Sports, outdoor activities, and comfortable clothing for those yoga gurus. Fit Circle is a place to help anyone find their next adventure. All you need to do is buy some athletic clothing and it makes you want to get out and do something.

If this weather stays the same, you will likely be able to be outdoors all the way through December.


At Verbode we understand how hard it is for the Modern family to get out and travel all over town to find the perfect gifts. Luckily we have great pop up shops that happen every year that combine all of our favorite local places to shop.

2. Holiday Pop-Ups in Midtown


This year, visit over 40 independent shops, an urban Christmas tree lot managed by Bishop John Carroll School and much more at the Holiday Pop-Up Shops. Shops rotate weekly through a set of geodesic domes & the tree lot is available until trees sell out.

Here is a list of all Vendors and the dates they are available at the pop-up shop: Vendor List.


1. Winter Shoppes in Myriad Gardens Park

Open weekends from November 25 – December 18, the Winter Shoppes at Myriad Gardens can be your new family holiday shopping tradition in downtown Oklahoma City.  Enjoy a festive outdoor atmosphere complete with lights, ice skating, a fine selection of boutique-style vendors and all that the Myriad Gardens has to offer.

2016 Vendors will be announced November 9th. You will likely see some brand new local shops.


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10 Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Person Who Shops Local in OKC

Like many people in the Oklahoma City area, at Verbode we have had a very busy season.  Sometimes that means we forget to shop for a few people on our Christmas list. Thankfully we have a City booming with local businesses. So we put together a list of Local shops to get your last minute gifts for the holiday.

The very first step to this quick shopping spree of giving, you must purchase a Keep It Local card.

After you have purchased this card, keep in mind you can also use it has a gift as well. A gift that keeps on giving of course. So that is how we start our list:

10.  A Keep It Local Card – You can purchase these anywhere they are accepted. Here is the list of Keep it Local shops.

9.  For the quirky vintage family member there is only one place to stop. Bad Granny’s Bazaar in the Plaza District. Granny’s is filled with vendors who have scoured the world of thrift stores to find those vintage gems. You can find just about anything in this store.

8.  For the die hard t-shirt wearing nerd in your life, try The Okay See. Located behind the Paramount Theatre in the Film Row District. Designs ranging from Russy Stardust to a Oklahoma is OK! Lost Ogle special, you will find a range of designs that will meet your needs. Not to mention they have great stocking stuffers like the OKIE Shades & Koozy combo for only $10.00.


7.  For the kid who craves knowledge and fun at all times. There is a magical place called The Learning Tree. Located in Wilshire Village, one block south of Wilshire on North Western, the Learning Tree has so many books, toys and games to choose from. There is no better way to keep your kids busy than a learning game.

6.  For the modern woman with vintage style you have to try Out on a Limb. Some say it is a miracle to see the transformations that happen after Cassie McDonald tears into a vintage dress and makes into a modern fit. Located in the Plaza District, Out on a Limb also has locally handmade items.

5.  We are half way through the list and it is time for a pick me up. We need a boost of caffeine! There are many coffee shops to choose from, Slingers, Elemental, Leaf & Bean. There is however a new kid on the block. Clarity Coffee is located on Main Street downtown in the newest and most colorful parking garage yet. Simplicity is key here and you can taste it in their carefully made coffees. They even gave us some quick gift ideas below:

4.  For the artsy fartsy family member who knows their art history. Stop into the Museum Store at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. They have a fine collection of Chihuly Prints and Glass, Fine art Books, and locally handmade artistic gifts. They also often carry gifts that correlate with their current exhibition.

3.  For the hard working Mother who never seems to take a time out for herself. Buy her the gift of pampering relaxation. Udander will spoil and rejuvenate anyone. After a steam and sauna you can replenish with their a’ la carte which includes tea & snacks!

2.  For the kind heart who gives and also loves good quality product. Shop Good is your store. Located on the exciting 9th street on Automobile Alley, this shop has a Warby Parker eye wear show room. The Buy a pair, Give a pair program will provide a pair to someone who doesn’t have access to quality eye care – someone whose life will be changed by the ability to see.

1. For that hard to shop for person who seems to have everything. Well you must shop at a place that seems to have everything. Blue 7 is centrally located in OKC on May Ave. If you can’t find something here, you might as well give up. They have an endless amount of stocking stuffers in their Just OK part of the store that features all Oklahoma brands. Also, if you are that person who buys everyone socks, you should only shop here. It is safe to say you will get the most out of your Keep It Local card here!

With all that we are done. So take off work early today and finish your shopping! A very Merry Holidays to everyone of us at Verbode to everyone of you!


10 Home Holiday Gift Ideas from Local Vendors in the Urban Core of Oklahoma City

Black Friday is just around the corner and I believe most of us hate the idea of shopping when everyone else is. Luckily for you, Verbode has a great idea. There are many local companies that make amazing things that will help a home feel like, well, a Home! We will give our favorite locals who can bring some life to your home. We will also tell you where the holiday shopping is this season. The places where the crowds aren’t as frantic and the items are made locally.

First off there are Three really awesome seasonal shops you can’t miss:

Downtown Winter Shoppes – Located in front of the Myriad Gardens park with some great local shops and creators. It is so close to the ice rink you could make a night of it. Bring the kiddos for the Carousel Rides for only $1 per person. There is also a ton of opportunity for holiday photos with the fam!

Holiday Pop-Up Shops – Located in Midtown next to Bleu Garten. “This year, we’ll have dozens of independent shops and an urban Christmas tree lot managed by Bishop John Carroll School. Shops rotate weekly through a set of geodesic domes & the tree lot is available until trees sell out. We’re open Thursday through Sunday from Black Friday until Christmas. Entry is free, shopping is encouraged!” – Allison Barta Bailey

Indie Trunk Show – December 5th in the State Fairgrounds’ Oklahoma Expo Hall – “Shoppers will find handmade goods, vintage style decor/accessories, repurposed furniture/home decor, small boutiques/businesses, and community organizations.”


Now it is time for the list. People and places that will help you find the perfect gift for your Home!

10. Habitat Humanity Renovation Station – 1800 N Broadway Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73103 – “Provides a more affordable choice for home improvement projects, all while keeping perfectly good items from the landfill.  This year, proceeds from sales at our two Renovation Station stores will help create and preserve home ownership in central Oklahoma.” Nearby Neighborhoods = Heritage Hills, Mesta Park, Jefferson Park, and Lincoln Terrace.

9. 30A Home –  1106 NW 50th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73118 – “We are hands-on in every aspect at every level. Each and every product is selected with intention and with thought. We consider not only an object’s alignment with our core value of being good to ourselves and to the earth …but its ability to bring the simple element of joy to an individual. After all, the truest enjoyment lies in cherishing an object for the physical as well as the spiritual pleasure it brings.” Nearby Neighborhoods = BrookhavenCrown Heights, Douglas, and Edgemere Park.

8. JL Woodworx & Design – “A locally owned maker/design company established in Oklahoma City in 2007 by husband and wife team, Jay and Christina Long.  As Okie natives, we value and are inspired by all things Oklahoma. They carry a variety of wooden, textile, and paper home goods that includes throw pillows, giclee prints and Oklahoma inspired shelf, wall, and kitchen accessories. We create home goods out of beautifully worn salvaged lumber to infuse our design aesthetic into todays modern space.”

7. Retro OKC – 1708 NW 16th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73106 – “Mike and Tracy are two of those people who are enamored with the 1950’s and 1960’s. Attracted to the cars, fashion, architecture, advertising and of course furniture from the middle of the last century.” This shop is for those homeowners with a little nostalgia. Nearby Neighborhoods = Classen Ten Penn, Gatewood, Mesta Park, and Miller.

6. James Rogers Glasswork – “Working with stained glass since the early 1990’s and feel the constant need to be creative. I like working with my hands making just about anything: sewing, woodworking and old cars. To many really so I get easily distracted. My passion is with glass so I am working on building my shop space to include a kiln for fusing and painting.”


5. The Plant Shoppe – 705 W Sheridan Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 – This shop is for those plant lovers who do not have a green thumb. Plants that look great, but don’t need a ton of your attention. The Plant Shoppe even has workshops to help you build a great accent piece for your home. Nearby Neighborhoods = SOSA, Miller, Linwood Place, and Classen Ten Penn.

4. Sara Kate Studios – No. 102, 1100 N Broadway Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73103 – “Simply put, Sara Kate Studios sees life in the little things. We treasure the special items that complete a space: an heirloom-quality keepsake, a funky foreign textile, a retro modern accent lamp, or go-to cozy rugs and blankets. It’s the combination that makes it personal, and we fancy ourselves masters of the mix.” Nearby Neighborhoods = SOSA, Lincoln Terrace, Jefferson Park, and Heritage Hills.

3. Urban Farmhouse Design400 S Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73109 – “Industrial and reclaimed materials to the next level. We re-purpose metal and wood into one-of-a-kind furniture pieces.” Nearby Neighborhoods = SOSA, Mesta Park, Heritage Hills, and Classen Ten Penn.

2. Perch’d – 14 NW 9th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 “Unique modern accessories, home goods and gift items in a refreshing way. While pushing the boundaries in new and surprising ways, Perch’d carries products that never cease to amaze the inspired eye. Perch’d has an appreciation for objects and form that are thought provoking and crafted by designers, artisans, architects and creative minds.” Just look for the small blue storage container on 9th St. Nearby Neighborhoods = Heritage Hills, Mesta Park, Jefferson Park, and The Paseo.

1. Plenty Mercantile – “Life and style products that convey a strong sense of origin, process, and authenticity. To provide goods in some way to improve the quality, experience, and need of life. To serve wholeheartedly; offering an experience that is memorable and desirable. To educate and share. To inspire creativity in thought and action. To feed the soul and stimulate the mind.” Nearby Neighborhoods = SOSA, Mesta Park, Heritage Hills, and Classen Ten Penn.