Top Ten Neighborhoods to Trick or Treat in OKC

Are you looking for a great trick-or-treat spot? Does your Neighborhood seem to lack a good selection of candy? In the Urban Core of OKC it has become a tradition to attend Halloween night in a Neighborhood that may not be your own. Don’t worry this year, we have put together a list of Neighborhoods that do Halloween right!

This year the official night is Monday the 31st! Remember street safety rules any time you will be crossing streets– especially on Halloween night!

10. Cleveland

Any Neighborhood with a school at its entrance is destined to have homes with kid friendly candy. Cleveland is a smaller Neighborhood with simple streets to follow.

9. Crestwood

With long streets and a main boulevard, Crestwood is great for those parents who only have time for one street and need to keep a close eye on their kids. Their Haunt the Median starts at 6:30 p.m. Monday night on 19th street.

8. Shepherd

A Neighborhood filled with families who love the holiday spirit, Shepherd gives you the opportunity to grab candy and then maybe some dinner nearby.

7. Miller

With two long and wide boulevards that actually intersect, Miller is perfect for large groups. It has plenty of street parking and space to take breaks.

6. Linwood Place

A festive Neighborhood with one of the best boulevards in the City. 19th Street is well known for its easy pickings for great candy. Also a great place for larger groups.

5. Putnam Heights

A Neighborhood that, in some sections, has large estates. Putnam Heights is quiet and traffic is at a minimum. This is great for younger trick-or-treaters.

4. Heritage Hills

A Neighborhood that has several areas of low and high traffic. Depending on your group size and the age of your trick-or-treaters, you can pick your spot. It is said that some homes leave candy even if no one is home.

3. Crown Heights/Edgemere Park

Long sloping streets and plenty of festive families, Crown Heights/Edgemere Park boasts some of the best trick or treating in the City. If you start early, you might not be able to carry all the candy.

2. Mesta Park

A short walk down any Mesta Park street and you will realize this neighborhood loves Halloween. It also shows when you finish the evening with an amazing assortment of candy!

1. Nichols Hills

Likely the largest and most giving Neighborhood in OKC! It will feel more like Christmas than Halloween when you realize what is in your treat bag.

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Top 10 Modern Ways Verbode Markets Real Estate

In today’s world of marketing, there are so many ways to get your product to the masses. Yet, it isn’t always so easy to figure out the best way to do that. Real Estate marketing has been pretty basic and lacking imagination for awhile now. The visionaries at Verbode didn’t want to have anything to do with that. So they decided to mix it up a bit and expand their marketing along with the growth of OKC!

Top 10 Modern Ways Verbode Markets Real Estate


10. Twilight Open House

A staple of Thursday nights after work, Twilight Open Houses are our chance to give the public the best first introduction possible to your property. We go all out for our Clients. We have included food trucks, catering from local favorites, local artist shows, and local musicians. If we can entice people to come see the home with their own eyes, it isn’t long before someone falls in love. It also gives the owner an excuse to have a going away party for the place they called home.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 11.47.33 AM

9. Creative Wordsmithing

Yes, a great photo of a home can spark the interest, but the right language can convince a non-believer. If you haven’t noticed, “verb” is part of our name. We see too many listing descriptions give a great home a weak story. Verbode is here to change that. Every home deserves a great description.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 12.31.28 PM

8. Branding

Branding is no longer just the logo and the phrase, it is living what you do. It is believing in an idea. One you can share with those you work with. At Verbode, our brand is synonymous with the Urban Core of Oklahoma City. We want to provide to our clients a concierge experience catered to their lifestyle. Our clients no longer look for a new home, they look for a new city, community, and neighborhood. Our mission at Verbode is to connect the beautiful individuals of Oklahoma City to their perfect community. One in which they not only live but thrive in.


7. Historical Education

Oklahoma City has a shaky past when it comes to historic buildings. We believe our mentality for historical structures can be changed. By informing the public and community about our historic homes and buildings we hope to create a loving appreciation for the past. Oklahoma City has many stories worth telling and remembering, and the homes and structures that have stood the test of time are deserving of a platform to tell their unique histories.


6. Blogging

If you are reading this right now, then our marketing is working. Blogging has become one of the optimal ways to inform. With news, events, and opportunities to see an open house conveniently placed at your fingertips, blogging is convenient and effective. There is a sea of Real Estate websites, but they are hard to navigate. We are able to give you a detailed list of properties we have open on the weekends, along with a map. Our blogs also underscore our love for Oklahoma City and commitment to being active in local events and a part of the communities in which we place our clients.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 12.21.16 PM

5. Staging/Art

Not everyone can bring to life a home in their own minds. If you walk into an empty space and that is all you see, you will likely benefit from a staged home. Giving the buyer and seller an example of what the space could look like actually stimulates the imagination. When a realtor has a showing in a staged space, they don’t have to set a scene for every room. In some cases, the staged items and/or the art will stay with the home and go along with the sell.


4. Website

The internet is a daily part of our lives in many different ways. Now with more people connected to it, having a website is the best way to connect clients to your business. Our website allows anyone to find an agent, a home, and learn more about their communities. We give them many options to find what they are looking for. They can search by district, neighborhood or even city. They can even find the featured listings we represent. In addition, our website makes it easier for potential buyers to connect with our team and get connected to your property on a shorter timeline.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 12.22.49 PM

3. Photos and Videos

Visualizing a home is not as easy as it sounds. Being able to show a home at it’s best is what photography and videography can do. Photography has always been a great way to show a home and sparks the interest in those who are looking. Coupling photo with video has made for a beneficial bonus for both client and realtor. It helps everyone see the home as it is. It can also highlight the features that a client might be looking for in a home. Verbode builds working relationships with skilled local photographers that we trust to bring the best images of your home to the market.


2. Social Media

If it is an app on your phone, we are likely already marketing on it. Facebook is one of the best ways to connect to our clients. Everyone is connected to it and everyone checks it several times a day. So we wanted to be ready and available in the places they spend most of their time. We also have an Instagram we update with new listings and open houses. Other social media accounts are listed below:

youtube-dreamstale86 twitter-dreamstale71 snapchat-dreamstale62 pinterest-dreamstale57 linkedin-dreamstale45 instagram-dreamstale43 google-dreamstale37 facebook-dreamstale25

1. We Listen

And we aren’t just saying that. Taking care of our clients is the most important part of our business model. We take everything they tell us and we use that as a tool to find them what they need. Customer service is not dead, it is alive and well at Verbode. Please contact us via email, phone, text, social media, etc. We want to work with you and get to know you! Let us show you a better way to real estate.


Top 10 Tuesday at Verbode- Fall Events in the OKC Metro

Top Ten Tuesday at Verbode – Fall Events in the OKC Metro


There are so many fun fall events coming up in October and November in the OKC Metro. Here’s a run-down of the ten we think you should not miss:

1. OKC Horror Fest: Two Things

This event put on by the OKC Film Society and hosted at The Venue OKC will offer a viewing of The Thing From Another World (1951) and John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982). These movies both offer political commentary on their respective eras without sacrificing story. Catch the showings for free from 6-11 PM tonight, October 3rd, 2017.

More information here:


2. A Night Out for Puerto Rico: Fundraiser and Supply Drive

On Thursday the 5th of October from 5-8pm, Flashback RetroPub and The Fried Taco have joined together to throw a fundraiser for hurricane relief efforts. 100% of the evening’s food and beverage sales will be donated in conjunction with a supply drive for needed items. There will be tables set up outside for families and those who wish to enter Flashback will need to be 21+.

More information here:


3. Lunar Moon Festival

Saturday, October 7th, from 4PM-10PM the Vietnamese American Community of Oklahoma City and Vicinity are hosting this harvest festival that is celebrated by ethnic Vietnamese and Chinese. According to the Facebook event, “Dragon dances, traditional dance performances, food trucks, vendors…and games” will be essential parts of this celebration. Children will also be treated to free lanterns and other goodies. It will take place in Military Park.

More information here:


4. Midtown Walkabout

October 21st, from 2-6PM the 4th Annual Midtown Walkabout will feature live music, giveaways, specials from local businesses and more. For a complete list of offers visit the link below. Listed on their website are several new additions to the event including, “Live pumpkin carving demonstration, live muralist, The Big Friendly, live chalk artist, and more!”

More information here:


5. Brick or Treat

At this free event Bricktown businesses cater to the kiddos encouraging children under the age of 14 to come dressed in full costumes. Maps will be passed out in Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark and Mickey Mantle Plaza for trick-or-treaters. Afterwards, the movie Hocus Pocus will be played at 7:30pm in the Ballpark. This event will take place on Tuesday, October 24th from 4-7PM.

More information here:


6. St. Elijah Annual Food Festival and Bake Sale

Well worth the short drive to St. Elijah Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church on North May Avenue, this annual festival combines culture, arts, and extremely good Mediterranean ethnic food. This event runs from October 27th at 10 AM until October 28th at 8pm. In addition, the church itself has beautiful architecture and a small room is staged for displays on history and tradition.

More information here:


7. Gypsy Glam Roadshow Fall Festival

October 28th from 11AM-3PM at Tony’s Tree Plantation. This family-friendly event will feature a “pooch parade” and pumpkin decorating as well as numerous pop-up shops and food trucks. Halloween costumes are encouraged for this event as there will be selfie-stations for your children and/or pets.

More information here:


8. Fall Open Streets OKC

This street festival is a celebration of healthier living and community. The stretch of S. Robinson from SW 15th to SW 29th is “reclaimed” for the use of cyclists, walkers, skateboarders, etc. and the purpose is to encourage accessible communities in order to strengthen the local community and economy. Local food and activities will be a key part. It will take place from 1-5PM on October 29th.

More information here:


9. Wizards on Western: Harry Potter Festival

Hosted in the Western Avenue District of Oklahoma City, this event combines all the love for Potter World with the idea of community and local business patronage. The sorting hat, selfie stations and photo ops, activities, and more will be high-points. Additional activities will require a paid admission but include Tri-Wizard Harry Potter Trivia and a Harry Potter themed band inside Will Rogers Theater. November 12th from 1PM-6PM.

More information here:



10. Thanksgiving Celebration at Chickasaw Cultural Center

Saturday November 25th and Sunday November 26th the Chickasaw Cultural Center in Sulphur opens their doors for two days filled with cultural demonstrations, including stomp dance, and tours of their traditional village. There will also be a children’s Christmas workshop and decorations on display and for sale throughout the center and in the retail shops.

More information here:

Photo from the Cultural Center in Sulphur. January 25, 2011 Photographer: Mike McKee

Photo from the Cultural Center in Sulphur.
January 25, 2011
Photographer: Mike McKee


Let us know which ones you make it to!




Verbode’s Top 10 Tuesday Mesta Park

unnamedVerbode’s Top 10 Tuesday features Mesta Park. Mesta Park, also known as the University Addition,  is a distinct neighborhood situated in the heart of Oklahoma City. Though there are so many things we love about this historic area adjacent to Heritage Hills, we’re sharing ten of our favorites!



1. Landscaped medians- Along 18th Street and Shartel are medians home to gorgeous seasonal plantings. At one time, this route served as Oklahoma City’s old trolley line. The trolley was designed to make Mesta Park, once considered “the suburbs”, accessible and close-by to the growing downtown area.







2. Diverse historic home styles- Bungalow, Craftsman, Victorian, Four-square, Neo-classical and Prairie home designs can be seen on a walk or drive through Mesta Park. If you are an architecture fan or even an Oklahoma history buff, you’ll find the area rich in information and restored historic homes.







3. Namesake- “Perle Skirvin Mesta” was a renowned hostess within the neighborhood. Her father was William B. Skirvin (yes, of the Skirvin hotel) but her own accomplishments and reputation are infamous in their own right. Besides throwing lavish parties for everyone in the political world including presidents, and later many others, she was dedicated to helping the underprivileged and a marked businesswoman. Check out this excerpt from a story by the Oklahoman: “When her husband died from a heart attack in April 1925…[she] inherited an overwhelming majority of company stock and stunned the all-male board of directors by seating herself as her husband’s replacement on the board.” Perle Mesta is an excellent and incredibly interesting namesake. For more information see:





Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 8.43.51 AM

4. Holiday Home Tour- Around Christmastime the air in OKC changes and many look forward to local events that define the season. The Mesta Park Holiday Home Tour is an excellent way to get an inside look at the different homes and see the holiday decorations. Carolers roam the neighborhood, food trucks park, and often a van service is provided for transportation. Click on the photo to see the video!





 5. Trees- These beautiful trees were most likely first planted when the area was platted and developed. That makes these trees over a hundred years old. They provide excellent shade and break that enduring Oklahoma wind.







Taken by: Chad Bennett

Taken by: Chad Bennett

 6. The People- Mesta Park is  a friendly neighborhood with  diversity in abundance. This  has always been the case and  can be seen walking to and  from different areas of the  neighborhood. As one article  stated, “[homes] 1,200 to  5,000 square feet- is one of  the main reasons why the  neighborhood attracts such a  variety of residents.” On top of that, the neighborhood’s hosting of events and decorating in the seasons makes it a community hub.







The holiday decorated home of Will Lightfoot at 501 NW 18th in Oklahoma City, Okla., on Friday, Nov. 18, 2016. Lightfoot's home is on the Mesta Park Holiday Home Tour Dec. 3-4. Photo by Chris Landsberger, The Oklahoman

Photo by Chris Landsberger, The Oklahoman

7. Halloween- Mesta Park is one of the hottest neighborhoods to trick-or-treat and view elaborate decorations. Giant blow up cat? Check. Massive spiderweb draping not only the yard but even the columns of the house and adjacent tree? Check. Members of the neighborhood stock up on candy, but it’s easy to run out by 8pm because of the sheer volume of cute kids and their parents who line the streets in various costumes.








8. Perle Mesta Park- This city park is host to a plethora of activities. Mesta Festa takes place on its grounds, kids often play here, and it serves as a place of community. There are swings and a playground for kids and young at heart, a wonderful pavilion to shelter from the harsh weather and a fantastic sand volleyball court. The grounds are overall well-maintained.







9. Walkable to Midtown and Uptown- Driving through the neighborhood from 23rd to 13th on Dewey or other North-South streets, you’ll catch numerous families or groups walking to get dinner or visit neighbors. A walk away from fantastic restaurants like Cafe Antigua, grocery shopping at Homeland, home furnishings at Interior Gilt or the Commonplace Bookstore in Midtown. Sidewalks are well cared for and easy to walk, run, or bike.






Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 9.01.13 AM

10. Mesta Festa- This annual party has been taking place for the last 22 years. Beer garden, food trucks, live music, and a preceding 5k are just some of the fun. Verbode is excited to be a sponsor this year! Stop by our booth and say hello! We can acquaint you with Mesta Park history, introduce you to neighbors and provide friendly real estate information.




We love you Mesta Park! Want to see some homes for Sale in Mesta Park? Click here: Homes In Mesta Park


Top 10 Tuesday at Verbode- OKC Patios


As the weather shifts from boiling hot to a tempered kind of Fall-Summer hybrid, patios around the city become a sacred place. Patios are a communal kind of space where your weekly brunch group laughs over mimosas or where your family eats dinner as you watch the setting sun. Everyone on our team had something to say about their favorite patio but we had to work the list down to the following..



The Oklahoma City Museum of Art has a rooftop terrace where they hold their “Art After 5” events every Thursday for $5. Often live music will be featured and there’s always a cash bar.







2. The Union at SoSa

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 7.53.35 PMScreen Shot 2017-09-11 at 7.53.49 PM

The Union is a bar located in SOSA. Seated upon a hill they offer a range of cocktails and the speakeasy in the basement is a definite to check out. The patio will soon be covered, but the portion behind the airstream will remain uncovered. If you haven’t stopped by, the staff are friendly and SOSA is a wonderful neighborhood.







3. Barrio’s Fine Mexican Dishes

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 11.04.46 AM

This open-air patio makes you feel like you’ve been transported out of Oklahoma. The pink fireplace at one end and string lights overlapping overhead make this a great dinner spot.





4. Cheever’s Cafe

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 8.05.54 PM

Most of our staff said that this bustling OKC favorite felt private despite the amount of business it sees. The patio is typically pretty shaded and large shrubbery keeps the noise from 23rd to a minimum. We suggest visiting for brunch where you’ll find excellent service and a great patio experience.






5. The Hall’s Pizza Kitchen


Once a popular food truck, this family-owned business expanded to brick and mortar in 2017. The rooftop patio offers views of the downtown skyline and midtown with partial shade and cute planters hanging near-by tables. Not only that, they offer breakfast pizza in addition to traditional servings like “Saturday Night”– a pizza with pepperoni, sausage and basil.






6. Gorō Ramen


This Plaza District patio is nestled between Gorō and The Mule. This is a good patio for dropping temperatures as they pull out heaters and the buildings protect the patio-goers from the wind. Luckily, it’s not that cold yet. The tables are all aligned in the middle and the height of the buildings create a unique aesthetic uncommon to OKC. Even better, the ramen they serve is a savory traditional type as if from Japan itself.








7. Classen Coffee Company

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 7.41.13 PMScreen Shot 2017-09-11 at 7.41.26 PM

Classen Coffee Company is a newcomer to the scene. They are located on the West side of Classen Ave and North of Uptown. Most days they stay open until 10pm. We suggest heading over near sunset to enjoy the peaceful patio and a tea or coffee.







8. The Mantel

Frequently ranked as one of OKC’s top romantic spots, this patio might be your best bet for a romantic date night out. Located in Bricktown an after-dinner stroll through the streets would be a great addition, except you might be too stuffed from the wonderful European-style food they serve here.








9. Flip’s

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 11.08.55 AM

The go-to spot for a glass of wine on any given afternoon. Flip’s is sandwiched between prime shopping spots such as Classen Curve and West Elm. The patio is expansive making it a good choice for birthdays and other celebrations.






10. O Bar

Talk about a view. At the top of the Ambassador Hotel this bar has what is arguably the best view of the skyline. There are panoramic views as you walk the bar and when you step outside you get a view of not only Midtown, but also Downtown in all its glory. If you haven’t been yet, you need to go.









So what do you think? What is your favorite patio in OKC?

Top Ten Verbode Listings of 2016 & a few more great listings!

It was one amazing year for Real Estate here at Verbode. We had the pleasure of listing so many great properties. Every year we love to compile a list of our Top Ten Verbode Listings and 2016 was our best! So enjoy take a minute to gaze at the wonderful world of Verbode Listings!

top social media buzz


3344 nw 24th street

top historic update


321 nw 22nd street

top unique listing

3126 nw 18th street

10. 316 nw 21st street ~ heritage hills ~ $386,500

Renovated Heritage Hills charmer within walking distance of the Uptown and Midtown Districts. Historical significance: original home of prominent entrepreneur Charles G Frost who was best known for being one of the largest suppliers of bottled water in OKC in the early 1900’s.


9. 6301 stone valley drive ~ edmond ~ $410,000

This stately cottage in the woods is perfectly welcoming. From the moment you walk down the sidewalk past the patinated copper awning and ivy laced patio and through the double doors you are charmed.


8. 1009 nw 18th street ~ mesta park ~ $455,000

This gorgeous home built in 1910 still has all its original charm.From the moment you walk onto the large covered front porch, and step into the estate its ten foot ceilings with plaster detail and heavy craftsman wood trim will dazzle you!


7. 1441 nw 36th street ~ putnam heights ~ $465,000

This stately remodeled home in Oklahoma City’s smallest Historic Preservation neighborhood, Putnam Heights, is going to impress you.From the moment you walk through the double doors and see the restored crystal chandeliers, the stunning custom drapes, and the glass paneled french doors you will swoon.


6. 532 nw 40th street ~ crown heights ~ $545,000

On a beautiful street in the middle of Crown Heights every home is perfection! 532 is the perfect home for entertaining! With an incredible remodeled open kitchen in the center of the house, a pool with a new portico in the back yard, and a theater in the basement.


5. 501 nw 18th street ~ mesta park ~ $575,000

This home looks like it is straight out of a magazine. The chefs kitchen boasts marble counter tops, stainless steel double ovens, microwave, gas stove, dishwasher, and farmhouse sink. If you took the Mesta Park Holiday Home Tour, you were able to see this amazing home in all it’s glory!


4. 1500 nw 190th street ~ edmond ~ $608,400

Upon entry, you will be greeted by stunning formal living and formal dining rooms which set the tone of luxury. Head over to the unbelievable Chef’s Kitchen anchored by two islands and an abundance of cabinet and counter space inviting you to imagine elaborate meals and dinner parties. Plus, you’ll enjoy up to a 50% savings on your utilities as this home is built to NAHB Certified Green standards! This was just one of many homes sold by Sarah Bytyqi in the Barrington neighborhood.


3. 15 ne 3rd ~ downtown brownstone ~ $729,886

Spectacular balconies, rooftop decks and outdoor spaces with truly unmatched downtown views and custom designed open loft-style living spaces set this luxury brownstone apart from any other in Downtown OKC.


2. 15908 oaklawn court ~ edmond ~ $910,000

Incredible custom built lakefront estate with panoramic scenic views from almost every window. Dramatic glass entry welcomes you into the gorgeous great room designed for entertaining with a spectacular view of a 12 acre private lake.


1. 826 nw 8th street ~ sosa heights ~ $969,000

Stunning Single-Family Home in the Heart of Sosa. Amazing views with around 1000 sq ft of outdoor entertaining space. This home is one of a kind and has been in Sosa before it was Sosa for over a hundred years. This home also broke a record for the neighborhood. Adding tons of value for all the homes around it.


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10 Hottest Listings by Verbode in 2015

Our list is made up of not only luxury real estate, but the properties that created a lot of buzz! Here are some of our favorites for 2015!

10. 719 NW 19th Street   $325,000  Mesta Park  Charming bungalow facing PERLE MESTA PARK. This house has been taken to the studs and COMPLETELY REDONE. New electrical, plumbing, sprinkler system, zoned heat and air and more. What has not been replaced has been carefully restored to maintain ORIGINAL CHARM AND CHARACTER. Attic was finished out to create MASTER SUITE. 465 sf 465sf GUEST HOUSE not included in SF. Brand new roof.



9. 808 NW 19th Street  $354,800  Mesta Park – Just three houses down from the park, this stunning renovation, of one of the original homes in Mesta Park, boasts Designer finishes throughout. From the leathered granite countertops in the kitchen to the Kichler light fixtures, classic elements like white and marble subway tile and refinished original hardwood floors. The master bath features a deep soaker tub, shower and double vanity with Carrera marble countertops. Open living and dining combination lends itself to a flexible floor plan. Its easy to imagine yourself with a cup of coffee on this large front porch. Soaking in everything that comes with living in Mesta Park. This home finds the perfect balance between historical beauty and modern functionality.

Exterior front


8. 432 NW 22nd Street  $369,900  Mesta Park – Beautifully restored Mesta Park Gem! Reimagined custom kitchen featuring soft close cabinets & new stainless appliances. Master has fireplace & seperate sitting room. Flex room downstairs could be study, game room, 2nd living or 5th Bedroom. Massive covered patio and a functional 2 car garage. Walk to the award winning Wilson Elementary just 3 houses away. One block to the heart of the Uptown District and minutes to Downtown/Midtown/Paseo/Plaza.

432 NW 22nd Street


7. 533 NW 39th Street  $420,000  Crown Heights – Don’t miss the chance to live on one of Oklahoma City’s most coveted historical streets. This much sought after Crown Heights location has it all: close proximity to downtown. Family friendly neighborhood. Historic charm with 3 bedrooms and 3 full baths. Updates include new windows, electrical, plumbing, refinished floors, and interior paint. Plus a great basement with full bath, wet bar, and fireplace. Completely rebuilt over sized 2 car garage. Also, a fully decked attic, beautiful lawn, and landscaping.

533 NW 39th St-35


6. 432 NW 19th Street  $459,000  Heritage Hills – Enjoy Vintage Charm with a Modern Twist in this Heritage Hills Home. This bright and airy Ox Bloom collaberative remodel sits high on the street within walking distance to Wilson Elementary and Perle Mesta Park surrounded by lovely homes and friendly neighbors. Large master suite is separated in to two distinct spaces by a fireplace, perfect for a sitting area, art or work space. Built in wardrobe in fully remodeled master bath. Remodeled kitchen with gas range, hidden dishwasher and plenty of room to gather. Utility room on main floor. New wiring, electrical panel, hot water heater, refinished floors, light fixtures and paint both inside and out.

432 NW 19th Street


5. 24 NE 3rd Street  $599,900  Maywood Park – Magnificent Downtown/Bricktown Townhome featuring modern lines and contemporary urban living. Home features grand third floor Patio with outdoor fireplace, large balcony off second floor dining with southwestern views of downtown, wood floors throughout all living areas, large open space, over-sized private 2 car garage and so much more. Designer accents and to many upgrades to mention.

24 NE 3rd St-27


4. 249 NE 4th Street  $695,000  Block 42 – Custom built one owner home filled with natural light & stunning views. Entertain your friends on one of the 4 outdoor living spaces or enjoy a glass of wine while watching the sunset on your rooftop patio overlooking the Downtown OKC skyline. Incredible storage and custom cabinetry, beautiful tile and bamboo floors, picture windows, soaking tub. Live the downtown lifestyle without sacrificing space. Energy Efficient and Silver LEED certified!

249 NE 4th Street


3. 115 NE 3rd Street  $875,000  Maywood Park – Downtown living at it’s finest! Incredible attention to detail. Former Symphony Show Home with upgraded windows, Subzero appliances, oil-rubbed wood floors & designer finishes. Energy efficient w/GEOTHERMAL and INSULATED CONCRETE FORM CONSTRUCTION. 4 Outdoor terraces, 4 fireplaces, 2 living areas. Walk to restaurants, bars, nightlife, parks, arts. Within 5 minutes of OUHSC and St Anthony Hospital Complexes.

115 NE 3rd Street


2. 15000 Wilson Road  $1,175,000  Edmond – Welcome to the 2015 Symphony Show Home. This remarkable Midcentury Modern Estate designed by Raymond Carter will steal your heart. Reimagined chef’s kitchen by Karen Black spared no expense. Luxurious Master Suite w/ His and Her Bathrooms connected via private courtyard. Play under the majestic oaks at your private park or entertain in the outdoor kitchen near the sun filled pool. Designed to capture light and views from every room.

15000 Wilson Road


1. 4101 Oakdale Farm Circle  $1,449,900  Edmond – Nestled in the trees of East Edmond and protected within the Oakdale Farms gated community is your own resort. Expansive kitchen with exotic granite countertops opens to the family room and game room ushering in natural light from walls of windows. Enjoy your favorite beverage at your outdoor bar, lounge by the fireplace in your screened in porch, grow giant tomatoes in the organic garden or spend an evening by the built-in firepit.

4101 Oakdale Farm Circle

10 Charities Verbode is Thankful for.

This Holiday is all about being Thankful, but also about giving. How we give back is very important to us. Being a part of the community is not just about helping the economy, but also by helping thy neighbor. Here are 10 charities you could donate too. Follow the links to get involved

10. – “We are a partnership of lung cancer survivors, advocates, researchers, healthcare professionals and industry leaders. And we are united in the belief that every person with lung cancer deserves a cure.” They had their 2nd Annual Walk/Run Event and raised over $30,000.

9. Other Options, Inc. – “Provide food,  resources, services, and education to at-risk individuals and families with a focus on those affected by HIV and AIDS.” Starting today you can help with their 16th Annual Food Preparations from 4 to 8pm. This year your help will feed 750 people.

8. Planned Parenthood – “For 75 years, Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma has worked to make sure all people have the information and means to decide freely and responsibly whether and when to have children.”

7. Humane Society – “Close partnership with the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Division (OKC Animal Shelter) and our primary focus is to eliminate the needless euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals in Oklahoma City.” We also love Bella Foundation and Chihuahua Rescue and Transport.


6. NAMI National Alliance on Mental Illness – “We are an association of hundreds of local affiliates, state organizations and volunteers who work in your community to raise awareness and provide support and education that was not previously available to those in need.”

5. St. Vincent de Paul Advocates for the Poor – “The role of the Vincentian is to provide loving and compassionate interest in individuals.  If that interest calls for food, clothing or other assistance, so be it.”

4. Six Twelve in the Paseo – “Provides opportunities for people both young and old to learn skills in the arts, music, cooking, gardening and sustainable local living. The space sports a cooperative garden, a soon-to-be commercial kitchen, a gallery, an outdoor performance stage, and four flexible classrooms.  SixTwelve seeks to bring many disciplines under one roof where community can flourish.”


3. Down’s Syndrome Association – “Programs centered around education, life skills, as well social interaction. Most of all, our volunteers allow people with Down syndrome to share their amazing gifts with the community.”

2. Made Possible by Us – “We focus on sustainable solutions for social good voted on by you, activated with brand partners and made possible by all of us.” Their current project is a Food Truck for All. The #foodforAllOK food truck is about community collaboration. When 1 in 6 people in your community struggle with hunger, you band together to help. This project is now fully funded, but there will be more to come.


1. Homeless Alliance – “Seeks to rally our community to find better ways to help our homeless and make the system more efficient, more rational, and more caring.” Verbode has the privilege of helping people buy and sell homes everyday, but we also love helping those who struggle to keep a home. Homeless Alliance is doing many great deeds in our city and there so many possibilities we can help them with.


We are also thankful for you!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving from everyone at Verbode!

10 Home Holiday Gift Ideas from Local Vendors in the Urban Core of Oklahoma City

Black Friday is just around the corner and I believe most of us hate the idea of shopping when everyone else is. Luckily for you, Verbode has a great idea. There are many local companies that make amazing things that will help a home feel like, well, a Home! We will give our favorite locals who can bring some life to your home. We will also tell you where the holiday shopping is this season. The places where the crowds aren’t as frantic and the items are made locally.

First off there are Three really awesome seasonal shops you can’t miss:

Downtown Winter Shoppes – Located in front of the Myriad Gardens park with some great local shops and creators. It is so close to the ice rink you could make a night of it. Bring the kiddos for the Carousel Rides for only $1 per person. There is also a ton of opportunity for holiday photos with the fam!

Holiday Pop-Up Shops – Located in Midtown next to Bleu Garten. “This year, we’ll have dozens of independent shops and an urban Christmas tree lot managed by Bishop John Carroll School. Shops rotate weekly through a set of geodesic domes & the tree lot is available until trees sell out. We’re open Thursday through Sunday from Black Friday until Christmas. Entry is free, shopping is encouraged!” – Allison Barta Bailey

Indie Trunk Show – December 5th in the State Fairgrounds’ Oklahoma Expo Hall – “Shoppers will find handmade goods, vintage style decor/accessories, repurposed furniture/home decor, small boutiques/businesses, and community organizations.”


Now it is time for the list. People and places that will help you find the perfect gift for your Home!

10. Habitat Humanity Renovation Station – 1800 N Broadway Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73103 – “Provides a more affordable choice for home improvement projects, all while keeping perfectly good items from the landfill.  This year, proceeds from sales at our two Renovation Station stores will help create and preserve home ownership in central Oklahoma.” Nearby Neighborhoods = Heritage Hills, Mesta Park, Jefferson Park, and Lincoln Terrace.

9. 30A Home –  1106 NW 50th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73118 – “We are hands-on in every aspect at every level. Each and every product is selected with intention and with thought. We consider not only an object’s alignment with our core value of being good to ourselves and to the earth …but its ability to bring the simple element of joy to an individual. After all, the truest enjoyment lies in cherishing an object for the physical as well as the spiritual pleasure it brings.” Nearby Neighborhoods = BrookhavenCrown Heights, Douglas, and Edgemere Park.

8. JL Woodworx & Design – “A locally owned maker/design company established in Oklahoma City in 2007 by husband and wife team, Jay and Christina Long.  As Okie natives, we value and are inspired by all things Oklahoma. They carry a variety of wooden, textile, and paper home goods that includes throw pillows, giclee prints and Oklahoma inspired shelf, wall, and kitchen accessories. We create home goods out of beautifully worn salvaged lumber to infuse our design aesthetic into todays modern space.”

7. Retro OKC – 1708 NW 16th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73106 – “Mike and Tracy are two of those people who are enamored with the 1950’s and 1960’s. Attracted to the cars, fashion, architecture, advertising and of course furniture from the middle of the last century.” This shop is for those homeowners with a little nostalgia. Nearby Neighborhoods = Classen Ten Penn, Gatewood, Mesta Park, and Miller.

6. James Rogers Glasswork – “Working with stained glass since the early 1990’s and feel the constant need to be creative. I like working with my hands making just about anything: sewing, woodworking and old cars. To many really so I get easily distracted. My passion is with glass so I am working on building my shop space to include a kiln for fusing and painting.”


5. The Plant Shoppe – 705 W Sheridan Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 – This shop is for those plant lovers who do not have a green thumb. Plants that look great, but don’t need a ton of your attention. The Plant Shoppe even has workshops to help you build a great accent piece for your home. Nearby Neighborhoods = SOSA, Miller, Linwood Place, and Classen Ten Penn.

4. Sara Kate Studios – No. 102, 1100 N Broadway Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73103 – “Simply put, Sara Kate Studios sees life in the little things. We treasure the special items that complete a space: an heirloom-quality keepsake, a funky foreign textile, a retro modern accent lamp, or go-to cozy rugs and blankets. It’s the combination that makes it personal, and we fancy ourselves masters of the mix.” Nearby Neighborhoods = SOSA, Lincoln Terrace, Jefferson Park, and Heritage Hills.

3. Urban Farmhouse Design400 S Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73109 – “Industrial and reclaimed materials to the next level. We re-purpose metal and wood into one-of-a-kind furniture pieces.” Nearby Neighborhoods = SOSA, Mesta Park, Heritage Hills, and Classen Ten Penn.

2. Perch’d – 14 NW 9th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 “Unique modern accessories, home goods and gift items in a refreshing way. While pushing the boundaries in new and surprising ways, Perch’d carries products that never cease to amaze the inspired eye. Perch’d has an appreciation for objects and form that are thought provoking and crafted by designers, artisans, architects and creative minds.” Just look for the small blue storage container on 9th St. Nearby Neighborhoods = Heritage Hills, Mesta Park, Jefferson Park, and The Paseo.

1. Plenty Mercantile – “Life and style products that convey a strong sense of origin, process, and authenticity. To provide goods in some way to improve the quality, experience, and need of life. To serve wholeheartedly; offering an experience that is memorable and desirable. To educate and share. To inspire creativity in thought and action. To feed the soul and stimulate the mind.” Nearby Neighborhoods = SOSA, Mesta Park, Heritage Hills, and Classen Ten Penn.